Who's hot and who's not

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Senior fund managers, fund marketers, quants and junior corporate financiers have done very nicely over the past two years.

The latest annual salary survey from recruitment firm Morgan McKinley shows the upper limit on salaries for senior fund managers has risen 40% since 2005, to 140k.

Mid-ranking fund marketers have seen their upper salary limit rise around 40% to 60k, and junior quants have had the good fortune to command salaries of up to 50% more.

The most lavish increases have been reserved for junior corporate financiers. Although salaries have remained static, bonuses for novice investment bankers have tripled - in 2005, a corporate financier with between two and four years' experience would have been lucky to receive more than 80k in total compensation, according to Morgan McKinley. Nowadays, that figure's closer to 138k.

Few areas were exactly chilly, but some were more tepid than others. Junior fund managers haven't done quite as well as their senior colleagues, for example. And derivatives trade support specialists, formerly flavour of the month, have seen salaries rise a relatively meagre 25% or so, while bonuses remained static.

Sample 2007 salaries (and bonuses, where provided)

Fund manager

Junior : 38k to 45k

Intermediate : 42k to 85k

Senior : 60k to 140k

Manager : performance (ie, the sky's the limit)

Fund marketer

Junior : 28k to 34k

Intermediate : 30k to 60k

Senior : 50k to 80k

Manager : 70k++

Credit quants

Junior : 45k to 60k plus an average 50% bonus

Intermediate : 60k to 80k plus an average 60% bonus

Senior : 70k to 110k plus an average 80% bonus

Manager : 110k to 175k plus an average 150% bonus

Corporate financiers

Junior : 35k to 45k plus an average 100% bonus

Intermediate : 45k to 60k plus an average 150% bonus

Senior : 60k to 85k plus an average 150%+ bonus

Manager : 85k plus an average 200%+ bonus

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