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You could work for Brewin Dolphin

Somewhere is hiring. Brewin Dolphin Investment Banking is officially looking for staff.

Naturally, it is unwilling to talk numbers. Graeme Summers, head of investment banking at the firm, says hiring will be opportunistic, “depending on the quality and calibre of candidates”.

The numbers involved are unlikely to make any impression on the thousands of people losing their jobs elsewhere: Brewin Dolphin employs just 60 people. Another five are definitely joining in early 2009.

Summers says many of the additional hires are likely to be in equity research. They are also likely to have an ACA, an “entrepreneurial gene” and to be “personable”.

Brewin Dolphin may not be the obvious place for an ex-bulge-bracket investment banker, but Summers points out that the absence of large M&A deals means the mid and large-cap markets are converging.

Working for the firm, which has offices all over the country, also offers an opportunity to escape London: Summers lives in Northumberland and comes to the City once or twice a week. “It’s the best of both worlds,” he boasts.

Comments (9)

  1. “quality and calibre of candidates” !!!!! what are they planning on doing…chopping all their existing staff

  2. HR says there is still a freeze on…….

  3. may I enquire who you work for wudratherwait ? – you sound like an arrogant embryo to me (or is that henry is disguise?) – I am a rated analyst and now on the buyside never worked for brewin dolphin but I rate them.

  4. Maybe the one good thing to come out of all this nightmare will be a lessened arrogance from (some!) people working at so called “Tier 1” firms, so used to quoting the name of their firm as if it were in itself a be-all and end-all to any discussions, considering smaller independent firms as beneath their notice.
    Well look: they’re still there and you’re gone! When wudratherwait has waited, and waited, and waited, and lost his relevance to the market altogether, Brewin Dolphin and others will still be standing and healthy.

  5. yeah RM – can tell wuratherwait is an embryo who actually believes that smaller shops are somehow less and the “tier 1” are everything – smaller houses tend not to be in the pockets of IB’s cooking up strange scheme destroying shareholder value – and as a buysider now I value the smaller houses way more than the bulge brackets – after all who exactly brought us CDOs, CDS and the many crazy things to do with balance sheets leading to the mess we are in today?

  6. Maxiscot…a rated analyst.. well i never and you call me arrogant !!
    Tier 1 …moi..hardly..no a levels either, but have had the ability to stay employed in the Arena for nearly 25 years….so i believe that i have the right to put in my tuppence as well as you ( and i bet i’m not far off here) mba/cfa/mfin etc/etc qualified people.. and btw wudratherwait..sorry but it made sense for me ,,meant wud rather wait “on tables”…still employed and looking to serve out a few more years still ..i hope…and if the reaper does get me,,theres always the Japanese houses !!

  7. Well this is interesting news to me considering I was made redundant by them this morning! I shall certainly be informing my solicitor.

  8. like the blue oyster club sing….don’t fear the reaper……

  9. and who are you thursday2 – i have never called you arrogant as you have not posted on this thread before or are you really wudratherwait? and just posting under a different name? how odd!

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