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No takers for Canary Wharf

Canary Wharf came in a poor third in our poll over the last fortnight on where bankers want to work.

Citigroup, Lehman, HSBC, Bank of America and Morgan Stanley (to name but a few) are all based in the Docklands, but it seems most of you’d prefer to work in the vicinity of Cornhill or New Bond Street.

One Canary Wharf adherent claims to be perplexed at its lack of popularity. “I wouldn’t work anywhere else,” he says. “I live 40 miles outside London and it takes me 50 minutes to drive in – it’s an easy commute and it’s clean, fresh and modern once you’re here.”

On the other hand, a hedge fund manager who’s tested the waters in the City, Canary Wharf and Mayfair, says the West End is the place to be: “The shops are better, the bars are better, the pubs are better – the whole ambience is better.”

In the absence of anyone to talk up the City, feel free to send in your own comments on the subject.

Final results of the poll, to which 1,848 of you responded, were as follows:

Mayfair: 35.7%

City: 31.3%

Canary Wharf: 20.7%

Somewhere else entirely: 12.3%

Comments (3)

  1. I go to Canary Wharf very often, and I simply find the “glass” ambience non-attractive. The City offers better atmosphere indeed, though commuting there does seem to get rather unpleasant.

  2. The west end’s far superior. But alas, many of the superior types who think they are better than everyone else would turn up their noses at walking among ‘mere’ tourists and other assorted peoples of this city!

  3. The City is fantastic. The vibe at the moment is phenomenal, the bars, the feeling of being at the centre of the financial world, the whole nine yards. If you’re working in London I can’t think of many places better to be.

    Anonymous, Headhunter Reply

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