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Earn 2k a day, work six months a year

It might not compare to an investment banking bonus in a boom year, but the money paid by some financial training companies is good. And it’s possible to spend half the year on a yacht.

Even more remarkably, training companies still appear to be looking for staff. “We’ve hired around six people in the past year and we expect to add another three by December,” says Tom Gardner of ACF Consultants, which provides front office and operations training to banks in the City.

BPP Financial Services Faculty, which dominates the financial exam preparation market, also appears to be looking for trainers. “We are selectively hiring for our financial exam courses,” says marketing manager Nick Miller.

Why are financial training companies still hiring when anyone would think banks must have far fewer people to be trained? One senior training executive says it’s because training lags the rest of the market and is insulated from the worst of the pain: “In 2002 and 2003 there was a slight slimming down, but nothing substantial.”

It helps that most training companies have a flexible cost model: trainers are engaged on a freelance consultancy basis rather than as full-time employees. Gardner says ACF trainers work anything from five to 120 days a year, for anything from 1k-2k for a 9-5 day (all the material is provided by the company, so there’s no preparation work to do in advance).

Getting into training isn’t particularly easy, though. ACF only employs former banking directors and managing directors. At BPP, Miller says candidates need experience of working in the ‘investment profession’ and must have nebulous ‘teaching qualities’.

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  1. I get up before sunrise. I do some push ups then look in the mirror to admire my body. I’m the first one to enter the office and the last one to leave. I eat a massively expensive steak for dinner every night and yell at the incompetent waiter, cause he just barely is a human being. You may go on earning your 2k a day showing little graphs, but be aware that you’re not a winner. You just get pushed around on your meagre salary until youre too old by people who can actually get things done. Just live on in your little fantasy. The world is not yours.
    I am Henry

  2. I am an ex-teacher but now trade FX on a self employed basis. Do you think this could be just the thing for me?!

  3. yes why not!

  4. Looks great, however , how can we apply, are there any good addresses available?


  5. Henry sounds like a merchant banker.

  6. i am trader part time and work as COO for a trading firm.

    can i be eligible to apply

  7. I thought you lived with your Girlfriend, Henry?

    Lawyeramongstbankers Reply
  8. Henry-you don’t seem human-are you that little red vacuum cleaner?

  9. Henry get help for your confidence problem, teaching is a very valid profession

  10. henry is probably a fat arsed blob, whos deluding himself along in life. the fact is, those indians (and yes im indian) in their call centers probably do more honest work in a day than he does in a year. so what if stuff happens and ppl like henry actually get paid?

  11. I get the distinct impression that this is not the real Henry. The real Henry is crass, but not this crass.

    The bottom line Reply
  12. i think henry is just a made up person working within efinancials to wind people up..i am absolutely certain

  13. henry is definately planted by efinancials to wind people up..silly people dont take the bait..he pops up when there is a boring article that requires spicing up

  14. I know Henry. Henry is the guy stuck in corporate finance, suckered by a film he once saw. He works at least 15 hour days, perfecting the font on his managers presentation altho he would lead us to believe otherwise. He revels in the fact he spends company allowances on dinner every night and enjoys an s-class mercedes home at 1am, thinking this impresses his old uni mates back home. He gets midly aroused by the sight of his deal hitting the financial press once its completed but there lurks an anxiety… his daily role is dull, the food monotonous, his colleagues equally misguided and probably foreign in more ways than one. On the one evening he gets to go to a mates party, he is reminded of his non-existant social skills honed by years of solitude and pressing F9- a truth borne out by his 3 year period of albeit unintended sexual abstinence. Then Henry looks at his pay packet and grins- who needs 23 days hols, girlfriends thursday night drinks, or physical health.. Pity he never worked out the rest of the front office work 50 % of his hours for the same pay and are not like the arrogant, overweight, slightly autistic, brown nosing office monkey he sees in the mirror each day

  15. for a person that has 20+ years experience in the worlds financial markets i find that a company that only hires as trainers people that are either ex managing directors or banking directors are very short sighted since their experience will almost certainly be within a narrow tunnel and not wholly with a hands on experience.

  16. henry. massive steak every night – not long before there will be nothing left to admire…

  17. I’d love to meet Henry and tazer him off that high horse. Massive big steak every night leads to massive coronary heart attack.

  18. Thats Sounds good, but what the way to get that?

  19. While Henry is spending far too many hours in the office – I am busy servicing his partner who craves the attention and intimacy that Henry is simply unable to give

    Service Person Reply
  20. Henry sounds remarkably like the Bret Easton Ellis Character in American Psycho. However, what he does not realise is that working only 6 months a year makes the World far more “yours” than somebody who slaves for 12 months with the meagre 25 days to live life. Time is the fire in which we burn.

  21. Guys, I dont know if this Henry is fake or not, but since i work in M&A in Merrill Lynch I can tell u that I see people exactly like Henry every days and Im sorry to say that they are real real loosers… happiness comes from freedom, not from money… they will never be happy and they will ends up to be fucked by the same company they worked for 15 hours a day, 7 per week.
    Do you want examples? This year 20-30% of M&A analysts in Merrill didn’t get any bonus at all! The top rank received 100% bonus and the lower rank received 8% bonus… I’m a second year analyst and I got only 4K pounds gross of taxes… incredible! meny people was absolutely shocked by the bonus number… they really rip off everybody this year…
    I know some people that worked from 9am to 2 am everyday and they were not promoted and left with this stupid 4k pounds bonus at the end of the year… this is really the death of M&A industry… I also know a director that worked hard for the last 11 years in ML and was made redundant, I can’t beleive there is still people that wants to work for bulge brucket american IBK! Now they can only knock the new hires from university!

  22. I agree with vinay henry sounds like a total slob – and meanwhile as i sit here at work and complain about him, those call centre workers in India are probably taking more pride in their jobs that he does .

    He appears to have completly no appreciation in life…….. for anything other than his body at least.

  23. I get up after nine. I have breakfast and a shower and stroll into work. I’m one of the last ones in the office and one of the first to leave because I have better things to do than sit in the office all night. I eat a nice dinner with my girlfriend every night and never yell at the waiter because I don’t work so hard that I’m just barely a human being and am never stressed or feel the need to yell at others to feel important. Henry you may go on earning your big salary thinking you are getting things done, but be aware that you’re not a winner. You just work around the clock in the office or at the gym until youre too old to realise you wasted your life and got nothing done. Just live on in your little fantasy. The world is not yours.

    I am not Henry Reply
  24. You know what I hear when I read all these posts? I hear weep, weep, wimper. Wake up. The world is not strawberry land where the money falls from the sky. This is capitalism. You earn less, you’re worth less. It’s as simple as that. So I have every right to yell at some waiter however much I want. You all just lie to yourselves and pretend its not like that so you dont have to face that fact that you dont have what it takes to be a success. Jesus, you are these people who actually believe your banks statement on ‘corporate social responsibility’. And then you give a hundred bucks to some Sudan fund and it makes you feel better. I am willing and able to do what it takes. And yes I brag to my former classmates about my expense account and, yes, believe me, they are jealous surviving on their measly salaries. This is the real world and when I will have my mansion in St. Tropez you will be flying easy jet to Prague staying in a 3* hotel. This is my world, but you keep on dreaming.

  25. Sorry to disappoint you but ‘Henry’ on this thread isn’t me but an impostor. I don’t work in M&A, I have half those hours, and believe me my life is much more happy and fulfilling than the majority of you here. No I can’t prove that, but nor do I need to.

    The Original Henry Reply
  26. That said, the imposter [sic] Henry’s views are disturbingly identical to my own! And no its unlikely they know who I am.

  27. Henry, you may think everyone but you on this thread is a loser, but all in you are the real LOSER. You probably have no life, no partner (or did have, but she got a better deal elsewhere), you probably dine alone! Put into perspective, everyone here has more to their lives than you do. All you have is money. It’s worthless if you have nothing else you dumb arrogant d***head. You carry on working yourself into your grave. By the way I already have a mansion in St Tropez and am probably worth 10 times what you are, but am the complete opposite to you! Money comes, money goes you p***k!

  28. Henry sounds like Henry the CAt!

  29. 2k per day? Lovely. Henry can KMA.

  30. Please can everyone take it easy ! I think henry has done a good job in getting this thread really hot by threading on some morality issues ! I am not here to say anyone is right or wrong or to say henry is right or wrong but we may want to look at it from henry’s point of view. Maybe henry had it though in life or maybe that is how he can express himself at the moment etc etc etc etc Just to think of it – everyone has had a different exposure to life than others and as far as this thread goes, we don’t know henry’s full background or do we ?

    Henry, I agree this world is a capitalist world ! No money and no one reckons with ya, so if this is your motive to make money, fine, no problem. For some people to get what they want, they have to sacrifice more of themselves than others while some don’t have to ! that is just life ! it is not fair and never will be ! and I believe that is why some people on this thread have said they do less than you do and probably more successful than you are.

    As for having what it takes to succeed , I strongly believe it is down to whoever wants to succeed to WORK for it !

    As for yelling at the waiter , It could be anyone , 2mrw is unknown!

  31. More importantly, we don’t really care about Henry’s background, he’s just here to wind us up, and it’s getting a bit tedious to say the least.

  32. Henry sounds like a complete idiot. Little wonder that the market for trainers is so bullish.

  33. Ezo comment 20 hours ago – Bravo!!

  34. Henry, you’re a star. Bet you’re a sex beast as well.

  35. There is no real me: only an entity, something illusory. And though I can hide my cold gaze, and you can shake my hand and feel flesh gripping yours … I simply am not there.
    I am Henry

  36. Henry, if you are so good and happy with your life that you have to brag about it, then why do you come on a f…. CAREER website. It seems taht you are actually looking for a job and you are actually dreaming of the life. Probably a loser that actually make 5 pounds per hour or something.

  37. Henry, your grammar is attrocious dear boy.

    Perhaps an education might have helped you?

    Henry_is_not nice Reply
  38. Henry, you’ve certainly had an impact since your original comment. It would seem that you haven’t grasped how society works. You appear to base success on money alone, and the material items that can be bought with that money.

    It seems to be a narrow minded and hate inducing point of view, as you can only see the World through your eyes, and therefore lacking any perspective on other points of view…. the “be like me or your nothing” ….. what does that tell you?

    Pop psychology would suggest that you have a real lack of anything real in your life – friends, love & family, and therefore you feel the need to replace it with what money can buy – the car, the house, loose women.

    It is not for you to judge others – would you say that anyone who doesn’t do your job (Hospital employees, the police etc etc) are nothing because they don’t earn at the same level? Perhaps their lives are fulfilled in other ways.

    I pity you Henry, have you ever read the Charles Dickens novel – Scrooge?

    You make me laugh Reply
  39. Having read Henry’s last comments definitely American Psycho, he clearly DOES need to get out more

  40. could henry be the next “city boy ” ;-)

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