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Marvelous news for holders of Goldman Sachs options

Some Goldman partners may be struggling, but there is also reason for employees of the firm to celebrate.

Since it scraped $52 on November 20th, Goldman’s stock has made a comeback.

Yesterday it closed at $99.3, having risen to a high of $106 on Wednesday and recovered 18% since the beginning of the year.

Whether this means that the options Goldman issued in 2008 are now in the money isn’t clear – it has yet to make public the strike price.

Unfortunately, options issued in previous years are still underwater, but the surface isn’t completely out of sight. The weighted average excise price for all GS options outstanding at November 2008 was $104.97. A little more in the way of good news and Goldman partners might even feel wealthy again.

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  1. That US taxpayer money Larry ‘architect of the Russian loans for shares scandal’ Summers et al funneled to GS through AIG really has paid off for owners of GS shares. Eliot ‘targeted for a reason’ Spitzer and former Reagan era Assistant Secretary of the Treasury, Paul Craig Roberts are right, there should be an investigation to see if there has been orchastrated thieving of American taxpayer money under the cover of the bailouts.

  2. And it was nearly $250 in October 07, but anyway…

  3. sarah – is this really news worthy?

  4. Maybe not exactly newsworthy, but worthy of a quick comment (in my opinion).

    Sarah, Editor, eFinancialCareers Reply

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