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Goldman may be delaying analyst bonuses

At the risk of confirming suspicions that we’re obsessed with Goldman Sachs (which we’re really, really not), here’s another revelation regarding The Firm.

In any normal year, Goldman would announce and pay bonuses to its junior analysts around now. This year, however, it seems it will be announcing and paying analyst bonuses at the end of the year along with bonuses for the rest of its staff.

Goldman declined to comment on the change, or the reasons behind it.

Delaying bonuses until December may create cash flow issues for Goldman juniors who were expecting to be paid in time for the remains of the summer.

It will also leave Goldman analysts out of kilter with the rest of the market: JP Morgan, Citigroup, UBS and Merrill have already announced analyst bonuses; Morgan Stanley is expected to do so next week.

Goldman’s proposed delay may suggest that demand for analysts is picking up and that it’s afraid of poaching. Withholding bonuses for another six months is a great way of retaining junior staff at no extra cost.

Comments (14)

  1. Analysts bonuses were changed last december at GS to fit in line with the rest of the bank and consquently out of sink with the rest of the world! Small bonuses were paid december 08 to cover july – december. Will see what they get for the full year come Dec/jan

  2. I think that in 50 years time the entire world will be controlled by GS – no governments, no democracies, just one big monster company, controlled by the “partners” , we’ll all walk around wearing light blue overalls on with the GS square emblazoned on the back, in a dim, dark,cold world as a result of the GS upper ecehlons selling the Sun to the daleks in 2040.

    Infact – sarah – are you FBI/CIA/DEA? just come out to us straight. all these GS articles you must be working for “them”…..trying to draw us in, some “find out our enemies” GS trap thingymajig

  3. @BC – I don’t believe I’m a secret agent employed by the Goldman illuminati. However, you can never be sure about these things. I have a Goldman pen at home.

    Sarah, Editor, eFinancialCareers Reply
  4. BC, what you say has already happened. The latest president of the USA that was not tottally controlled by GS was GW Bush. Obama and the democrats are very tied to Goldman. So, today GS controls the markets, the congress and also the President… they may decide we pay $150 for a barrell of oil, or they may decide that we pay $20, it all depends on how they can make a profit…

    if they don’t make a profit, they get the money from the taxpayers through the government…

    don’t see how it could be stopped, and I think it’s partially because of globalization as globalization increased the power of corporates and decreased the power of governments….

    In history book, this age will be called the GS age?

  5. i think the coolest piece of GS BS is their pop-up book guide to markets – beats the pen easy

    i remember getting it as a undergrad at a careers fair many moons ago

    still have it

    It’s ok sarah – i think you’re one of us really: In our GS induced 1984-like future there will be no more journalists like yourself and cr@ppy bankers like myself anyway and we’ll all just work for GS anyway, at a super sub level. let’s just get used to calling each other by our employee reference numbers

  6. Rec is right. They’ve changed the analyst pay cycle to fall in line with the rest of the bank.

    Agree with Rec Reply
  7. @M&A
    I know and totally agree
    it is quite scary how much GS has control of the world especially after the events of last year
    i still am in disbelief over the fact they have a line direct to the FBI

  8. I don’t think it’s a revelation since this decision was announced on 23 July 2008

  9. Or maybe nobody outside the (very, very small) world of finance knows or cares about GS. The 2 posts on here are some of the most pathetically immature I’ve ever come across, and globalisation is spelt with an ‘s’.

  10. actually, kingpin, globally, it’s spelled with a ‘z’

  11. @kingpin
    billions upon billions of taxpayers money and control of the US government – that’s why we care

  12. Apologies Kingpin – i left an apostrophe out there

  13. No – Globalisation is spelt with an ‘s’

  14. bc –

    The US government has always solds its’ soul to someone. GW Bush was beholden to american oil companies, Clinton to lawyer groups, G Bush to american and saudi oil, Reagan to defence industry. The list keeps on going…….

    What matters is how much they can be allowed to get away with. In this case stiffer penalities and more punitive laws should come into force for the finance industry. I say this as a patriotic american who loves his country and who works in investment banking.

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