Debate: Facebook, merits of a Masters, sayonara to analyst programmes

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Want your boss to know what you did in Ibiza? Masters or MBA (again)? Leaving a first job.

The dark side of social networking

Yes, they mean you're assured of never losing touch with the bloke you spoke to twice at business school and everyone he's ever had a similarly meaningful interaction with since, but social networks aren't only for your friends. Potential employers are also out there.

The Facebook phenomenon

Lukas Gresnigt is doing a Masters...

...instead of an MBA or a CFA. Should you be too?

Guest comment: Making it with a Masters in Finance

Time to go

Should you stay one year, should you stay two years, should you stay forever (or until you're totally burned out with a trophy wife/husband and a high six-figure mortgage)? When's it best to jump out of the analyst programme?

Transitory trainees