Reasons why $10m bonuses are about to make a comeback

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We pointed out some time ago that big bonuses will probably make a comeback in 2009. Now Breaking Views offers another perspective on why we're about to see the return of the eight figure payout.

The article is for subscribers only, so a heavily summarised version follows in bullet points below.

The third point is the most interesting - the populace may well cry foul at the resurgence of the mega-bonus, but new pay structures should appease their indignation. The trick this year will therefore be to devise a pay structure which appears outwardly punitive, but in reality isn't at all (Credit Suisse's toxic asset scheme?).

· Banks earned huge amounts trading debt in the first quarter. This looks set to continue. Goldman is on track to match the revenues it made in 2006.

· Banks are paying back TARP and escaping related pay shackles.

· By pointing out that they're spreading payments over several years and adding clawback clauses, organisations will be able to make $10m payouts seem more acceptable.