Best read articles of 2007

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What have you been reading? Anything about Goldman Sachs seems to be the answer.

1. London's top financial services headhunters

14 September 2007

Who do you go to if you want move onwards and upwards? Here's the list.

2. Getting a job at Goldman

16 April 2007

How to break into 'The Firm', by those who've done it before.

3. Guest comment: Why banking sucks

16 October 2007

David Bledin, ex-banker, now author and MBA student, on why he wouldn't go back into banking if you paid him.

4. Goldman bonuses: the moment of truth

11 December 2007

In the next few days Goldman Sachs is due to reveal the true dimensions of its bonuses.

Will they live up to expectations?

5. Winners and losers in the credit meltdown

21 August 2007

Who'll benefit and who won't from the chaos in the markets? Here's our considered verdict...

6. Why does Goldman pay so much?

16 March 2007

Despite allegations that we talk too much about Goldman Sachs (and following a request from a reader), here's why Goldman is so generous.

7. CFA vs MBA

14 May 2007

An article on our US site has created a furore over the relative merits of a CFA over an MBA. Here's the potted version.

8. Investment bankers: overworked and underpaid?

20 March 2007

The president of UBS investment bank quit yesterday. A horde of other senior M&A bankers are also said to be eyeing the exits.

9. Is Goldman the only place to work?

1 March 2007

Could it be Goldman Sachs is the only place to go if you want to make really big money?

10. Time to MBA?

6 February 2007

Thinking of doing an MBA? Investment banks are substantially increasing the number of MBA graduates they're hiring. Pay is commensurately generous.

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