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Here’s the full list of Morgan Stanley’s 2018 MD promotions, and what they do

Morgan Stanley MD promotions 2018

Here’s who got promoted at Morgan Stanley. And this is what they do, based on available information on LinkedIn. …

Mitch Adler. Based in NY. Executive Director, Compensation and HR Business Analytics at Morgan Stanley
Andrea Aguiar. Based in NY. Managing the Strategy team within Bank Resource Management, the division within Institutional Securities that focuses on centralized management of secured financing transactions, derivatives XVA hedging, clearing and collateral management.
Abdulaziz Alajaji. Based in Saudi Arabia, CEO.
Robert Avery. Based in NY. Head of US SPG Credit Trading Strategy.
Sharon Bazbaz. Based in India. Technology professional.
Sainath Bharatula
Ira Blumberg
Joseph Bonanno, Head of Data, Visualization, and Next Best Action Analytics
Venkat Boppana. Based in Hong Kong, head of electronic trading.
Mark Bortnik. Based in London, European head of listed derivatives sales.
Charles Burke. Based in New York. Investment management. Sales and marketing.
Frank Campbell. Based in London. Technology professional.  Software development.
Richard Caskey. Based in London. Equity finance. Strats team.
Kamal Chebalko,  Based in London. TMT banker.
Paul Cherian. Based in Mumbai.
Gary Cheung. Based in Hong Kong. Investment management, equities.
Elaine Close. Based in London. Head of HR for securities in EMEA.
Sybil Collins. Based in London. Fixed income capital markets.  Former IBD natural resources.
Lancelot Comrie. Based in New York.  Global head of systematic advisory sales.
Glen Cooney. Based in London. CVA trading.
Parker Corbin. Based in New York. Risk management for Morgan Stanley Smith Barney.
Kurt Cross. Based in New York. Investment banking.
Conroy L Daley. Based in New York.
Andrew Davies. Based in London. Global head of commodities technology.
Andy Day. Based in London. Head CMBS secondary trading desk.
Stan DeLaney. Based in New York. Investment management. Disruptive change research.
Dominic Desbiens. Based in London. M&A
Don Devendorf. Based in New York,
Michael Devine. Based in New York. Head of municipal dealer desk.
Rupa Dharia. Based in New York. COO for corporate services.
Thilakashani Dias. Based in New York.
Kyle Downey. Based in New York. Derivatives systematic trading.
Stephen Dyer
Mona Eldam, technology. Based in New York.
Tserenna Erdenebileg, Based in New York. Product control.
Markus Fimpel. Based in Chicago
Jennie Friend. Based in New York . Real estate investment.
Keiko Fukuda. Based in Japan.
Patrick Gallagaher. Based in New York. IBD.
Shekar Ganesh
Kerry Gendron. Based in New York. Global head of compliance monitoring, testing and IT strategy.
Anna Gitelman. Based in New York. Head of business management for enterprise infrastructure.
Amit Goel. Based in Chicago.  Global technology head of sales and marketing for investment management.
Simon Goodwin
Anand Govind. Based in San Francisco. Technology investment banker.
Charlie Gray. Based in London. Global head of equities validation review group.
Jennifer A Grego. Based in the U.S.. Wealth management.
Marco Gregoti. Based in London. COO of European fixed income business.
Mutlu Guner. Based in London. Real estate investment banker.
Yimei Guo. Based in New York. Global head of research technology.
Nitin Gupta. Based in Washington DC. Wealth management.
Brian Han. Based in China. Private equity.
Kartik Hariharan
Chris Heffernan
Richard Hill. Based in New York. Head of U.S. REIT equity & CRE debt research.
Nathan Hilleary. Based in Houston.  Natural resources investment banking.
Haibo Huang. Based in New York. Head of stress and portfolio analytics.
Dominic Hughes. Based in London. Head of EMEA lending.
Dan Hunt. Based in New York. Wealth management.
Ankush Jain. Based in New York. Head of capital markets and investment solutions technology.
Erik Jepson
Tim Juba. Based in New York.
Benjamin Juergens. Legal and compliance.
Bea Juvancz Based in, Hungary
Kiran Karkhanis. Based in New York.
Swanand Kelkar. Based in Mumbai.
David Khayat
Gard Krause. Based in New York. Special situations group.
Jessica Krentzman. Based in New York. Regional head of employee relations.
Wook Lee. Based in New York.
Russ Lindberg. Based in New York. Real estate investment banker.
Patrick Lindemann. Based in Frankfurt
Dan Maccarrone. Based in New York. Wealth Management.
Dipendra Malhotra. Based in New York. Wealth management.
Bob Mandel, Graystone Consulting Director
Edward Manheimer. Based in New York. M&A power and utilities.
James Manson-Bahr. Based in London. Head of EMEA equity syndicate.
Joe Martella, Based in New York. Wealth Management.
Kimihiko Matsuno, Based in Japan.
Christopher May
Mairaead McCarthy
Erin McCourt, operations, Based in New York.
Jonathan McEwen
Bill McGeough, Based in New York.
Brian McGowan. Based in New York. Distressed analyst.
James McKenna.  Based in Hong Kong. Fixed income capital markets.
Andrew Medvede. Based in New York.  Energy and infrastructure investment, portfolio management, Investment Management.
Joseph Mehlman. Based in New York. Investment Management.
Thomas A. Mendoza. Based in New York. Finance and liquidity risk.
Obaid Mufti.  Based in London. Healthcare investment banking.
Mary Mullin. Based in New York.  Head of corporate governance.
Yunchi Nam. Based in New York.  Global head of data engineering.
Pat Natale. Based in New York.  Capital markets, equity sales,  Wealth Management.
Timothy Nims. Based in New York.  Head of third party programs, consulting group.
Sarah Nolan
Brian Nowak, Based in New York.
Roberto Nunez. Based in Mexico City
Ryan O’Hagan
Lon O’Sullivan, Based in New York. Global head of market risk for corporate, muni and securitized products.
Christopher Owens. Based in New York. Head of U.S. sales, bank resource management.
Rose Palazzo. Based in New York.  Head of financial planning,.
Cheryl Palmerini. Based in New York.  Chief of staff & head of diversity & inclusion, Wealth Management.
Adam Pickard
Martin Pitzer. Based in Frankfurt. Head of sales Germany & Austria. Investment Management.
Jon Ponosuk. Based in New York.  Strategy and client management, Wealth Management.
Francesco Puletti.  Based in London. Investment banker. Global power and utilities group.
Thomas Rende
Thomas Restout
Patrick Roman, Based in New York.
Ian R. Rooney. Based in New York.  Head of global financial crimes strategy.
Andrew Ross.  Based in London. Financial sponsors.
Julie Rozenblyum. Based in New York.
Katen Rubeo.  Based in New York.  Head of strategic initiatives for consulting group and practice management.
Vida Rudkin.  Based in Glasgow. Head of operational risk and control.
Rachel Russell. Based in New York. Head of the CLO syndicate. Previously structured credit sales.
Mitsunori Saito
Srikanth Sankaran.  Based in London. Head of credit and ABS strategy, Europe.
Till Schneider.  Based in London. European head of multi-asset sales fixed income.
Alvaro Serrano. Based in Madrid.
Melissa Sexton. Based in New York. Investment risk.
Anita Shaw
Marina Shchukina.  Based in London. ECM. European financial institutions group.
Bobby Shoraka
Clifford Shu, Morgan Stanley Smith Barney. Based in New York.
Christophe Sloan
April Smith
Don So.  Based in Hong Kong. Asia Pacific firm management.
Andres Sommer. Based in Sao Paulo. Head of Brazilian M&A.
Elaine Souza
Niamh Staunton,  Based in London
Steven Anthony Taggart. Based in New York. Legal.
Daisuke Tanaka
Joel Thompson
Eduardo Timpanaro. Based in Madrid
Iain Torrance
Jon Vannelli. Based in New York. Risk.
Karen Veary
Alice Vilma. Based in New York.
Roman Waleczek. Based in Frankfurt
Suzanne Walls
Zhao Wang
Nash Waterman. Based in New York. Co-head of secondaries group, Alternative Investment Partners private markets team.
Henry Webb.  Based in Hong Kong. Asia treasurer.
Wei Wei.  Based in Hong Kong. equity derivatives sales and trading systems.
Alexander Weng.  Based in Hong Kong M&A,
David Willmor, Based in New York. Quant research.
Jyri Wilska, Based in New York. Financial analyst.
Rachel Wilson
Perren Wong. Based in New York.
Huan Yu, Based in Shanghai. Investment banking division.
Cathy Zhang
Rachel Zhang. Based in Shanghai. Equity research. Materials.

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