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Huuuge bonuses at Barclays Capital?

Fresh from all the palpitations over potential bonuses at Goldman Sachs, a new movement is afoot to generate a little frisson around the possible size of this year’s payouts at Barclays Capital.

According to The Guardian they will be big, particularly at the old Lehman business in the US, where many people are allegedly on guarantees.

Alphaville has also been stoking the Barclays bonus excitement. Last week it ran an article citing a research note from Morgan Stanley which suggests that BarCap may have had a very, very good Q2.

We have secured a copy of this research note, which shows not only that most areas of BarCap are expected to do extraordinarily well this year and next…

….but that staff costs are expected to increase substantially (across the group).

Staff cost predictions

Apart from this, there appear to be two other good reasons why BarCap can be expected to pay biggish bonuses:

1) If it wants to be the premier global investment bank it will need to pay on a par with Goldman Sachs.

2) It’s hiring lots of people, allegedly on quite generous guarantees, and (theoretically) will therefore need to compensate its existing staff handsomely to avoid disgruntlement.

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  1. Fetch me my pitchfork

  2. Interesting how earnings 2009e year end are expected to be massive and yet 2010e, 2011e year end earnings drop from 2009 levels. Massaging numbers is the name of the game in the City.

  3. What depresses me most is the level of guarantee Bar Cap have paid in London for some basically capable but very average people. They have missed a massive commercial opportunity to secure some of the very best, particularly in cash equities, for relatively modest sums. They have taken a very naive approach to recruitment in this area and when those guarantees have expired they will be left with some red faces!

  4. Well done BarCap! Having run through the minefield blindfolded and survived, you’ve decided to play Russian Roulette and then probably double the stakes and take another chance…. Just don’t tell the shareholders! Poor things are still hyperventilating with their memories of 50p…

  5. This is total b/s, I work in bearcap and have seen these lehlunds people getting 200% guaranteed bonus whilst I am given only lousy 90%. I had enough.

  6. I agree with Veebay above. Even in back office where I work, there has been a change in culture. Our guys are going to lunch or disappearing to the gym in the afternoons, while the lehlunds guys work round the clock. They’re on a different level to us.

  7. The only bonus I want is “swine-flu” free fit mens in cubical 4 as what good a bonus if you are sick and can’t take it all and enjoy ur job.

  8. Veebay, i feel sorry for u.. 90% is just not enough .. is it !?

  9. Barc are looking good, but I’d only consider moving there if they gave me a 100% raise. Too much of a risk otherwise.

  10. only bonus i get at bearcap is more pain in cubical4 – i had enough of these bearcap mens pushing me – i want to get paid bonus this year like everyone else.

  11. When i got locked up in toilet for 12hrs 3 months ago, i could only think about the bonus as my partner who is DBA is not satisfied with my performance. If I get paid more, I can pursue my hobby and visit car parks all over the world and meet more bears. Hope this year bonus is better then last 2 years as my personal life has suffered.

  12. Trewah.. stop complaining ! try working in the public sector and then talk to me about boneus !

  13. Trewah – I completely agree. All I got is a lousy 90% last year after working in some difficult positions. It’s not good enough…

  14. Derek, you should check your facts before posting. I’m pretty sure your incident occured a year ago, NOT 3 months ago as you claim!

    Vincent McRaydear Reply
  15. @Derek – I take it you are trying to be humourous. I’m afraid that you have failed. Miserably.

  16. Can anyone explain how unemployment is so high still? These banks are booming but everyone is still on the dole. They’re screwing everyone over!

    Raymond Banger Reply
  17. Veebay/Trewah – what are you 2 miserable sods drinking over there ? 90% bonus is not enough ? Try living in the real worls….smell the coffee!

  18. @Kevin – you don’t have to get married to person you love coz of your money problem due to low bonus. I still love you so don’t do anything that you will regret later. I have been working hard and my backside is lot better now and I spend less time on DBA hotline. Bear

  19. What is the moderator playing at allowing some of these comments through? It’s nonsensical drivel!

  20. hey raymond, I think you are just being bitter, us MA traders are the ones making the PnL, so we deserve a big boneus

  21. Can the moderator please wake up and stop smoking the peace pipe? It’s getting surreal on here!

  22. Anyone for fish and chips ?

    Raymond Banger Reply
  23. We allow most comments unless they are lewd, offensive, libellous, or saying that too many things are the new Goldman Sachs,

    Sarah, Editor, eFinancialCareers Reply
  24. fish and chips are the new goldman sachs of dining out

  25. I like your liberal attitude Sarah. Though surely you get bonus points if you do mention Goldmans?!

  26. Sarah – Flossing, before or after brushing?

  27. @Trevor – I clean my teeth with a small twig and have done with it.

    Sarah, Editor, eFinancialCareers Reply
  28. @Sarah – Fit?

  29. @ Trevor – no, my teeth are yellow and there are small pieces of bark stuck between them.

    Sarah, Editor, eFinancialCareers Reply
  30. @Sarah – My english no good as i went to University of Lund (www.lu.se) and this last comment was not to offend u. Have u seen munich?

  31. lund means p.e.n.i.s in the Indian language

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