Treasury jobs, but only for treasury insiders (for the moment)

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It doesn't take a genius to see that the Treasury might need a little extra help. The department with responsibility for formulating and implementing the government's financial policy has got its work cut out. It's already hired senior bankers to work in UK Financial Investments, the body responsible for managing the government's investment in banks, and its need for financial expertise can surely but increase.

With this in mind, we thought it worth enquiring whether the Treasury might be interested in the talents of our highly competent readership. Unfortunately, a Treasury spokesperson declined to comment on the department's hiring plans.

However, a helpful recruiter for the department confirmed that there are indeed jobs in the offing as a result of the financial crisis. For the moment, however, they are only being advertised internally.

"We've got a heck of a lot of internal vacancies at the moment," he told us. "We tend to prefer to look for internal candidates first. But if we can't fill jobs this way we will advertise externally."

He advises interested parties to keep checking the Treasury's jobs pages in the months to come.

As initiatives like the Asset Protection Scheme come into effect, we suspect there may be opportunities soon.

The Times today reports that the 'Financial Stability' Treasury team has already swollen to 120 people from being a 'relative backwater.'

And earlier this month it emerged that the Treasury is looking a little understaffed after accidentally cutting 300 instead of an intended 150 staff in 2008. The Treasury sub-committee in the House of Commons has warned that the department risks being overstretched as a result of its increasingly "massive workload."