Debate: Job cuts coming; refusing to work; Bear Stearns

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Job losses may be on the cards in credit derivatives; how to deal with an excessive workload; and would you work for Bear Sterns?

Uh-oh - job losses next?

Ok, no one's actually debated this yet, but given the credit crisis someone might feel moved to say something. September, October and November are always banks' favourite months for chopping staff (no coincidence that bonuses are announced from December). Will this year's chopping be unusually psychotic - and are credit derivatives teams most likely to be dismembered?

Redundancy for CDO specialists?

I don't think so

Who's to say you have to accept all the work that's thrust upon you? Only the thruster - who's probably deciding your bonus. That said, just as long as you're related to a high profile MD or an important client, you should be able to tell him or her where to stick it.

The Insider: Pushing back or shutting up

Not the best time to work for Bear Stearns?

Bear Stearns is supposed to be adding thousands of staff in Europe. Would you go and work there right now? They're supposed to pay well.

Oops, is Bear Stearns doing it again?