Debate: BNP a bad payer, opinionated headhunters, middle-office pay

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Are people at BNP really skint? Can a headhunter have an opinion on something other than heads? Time to feel sorry for the middle-office?

French bank, frugal pay

We ran a piece saying BNP Paribas isn't the world's greatest payer, which in true Gallic style attracted some (fairly) impassioned responses. Someone said BNP does actually pay well, another said "No, it doesn't" and a third said they'd worked there for five years and wouldn't work there again. Which, if any, is true?

Broke at BNP?

Middle-office, mediocre bonus

Do risk specialists really earn a meagre 200k? Yes, according to a recent salary survey. Is this fair? No, according to people who've left comments.

Salary survey: Revving up in risk

Outside the comfort zone

Some headhunters used to work in the markets - Shaun Springer, chief exec of fixed income search firm Napier Scott, did - he was a senior director in FX at Prebone Yamane. Does this equip them to make comments on broader trends? Apparently not, according to several people who commented on Springer's piece about a coming downturn (not all comments were published...). Plenty of you agreed with Shaun though, and said a shakeout is overdue.

Guest comment: Back down to earth with a bang