Debate: Hanging on at ABN AMRO, interviewing to death at Goldman Sachs, and the feminine touch (or not)

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Should ABN bankers leap before they're pushed? How many interviews does it really take to get a job at Goldman? And has diversity made a difference? Join the debate here.

Time go at ABN AMRO? According to one commentator, ABN isn't being as liberal with retention bonuses as it might be. So is it better to rush for the exits right now, or to hang on in the hope that a little something will be forthcoming once a merger's finalised (and that job cuts won't be that nasty after all? ABN AMRO: Should they stay or should they go?

Getting into GS You'd think two interviews, or three (or even four) might be enough to work out whether you're up to it. But at Goldman Sachs, it seems you might be interviewed as many 40 times. Don't go there, says one commentator - any bank that can afford to be that choosy about who it hires won't value you very highly anyway. Getting a job at Goldman

Diversity doesn't measure up Banks are implementing diversity policies with all the zeal of teenagers shopping in Primark, but are they really making much difference? One commentator was told her promotion could be revoked when she got married (because she might have babies). Another says out-of-shape male bankers who gawp at naked women in tabloids deserve a dose of their own medicine - in the form of Men's Health magazine. Wooing the women