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German Dresdner bankers in London safer if they have lots of children

Several people commented on this week’s earlier Dresdner Kleinwort-related article and pointed out that Dresdner K bankers on German contracts are less likely to be selected for redundancy if they are a) old, b) have worked for DK for a long time and c) have lots of children.

As Eversheds explains here, this is because German employers are obliged to take social criteria into account when selecting for redundancy.

However, an ex-Dresdner banker says there aren’t that many DK bankers in London on German contracts anyway: “There may be a handful of expats on a base contract from Frankfurt, but we usually put them on a UK contract quite quickly.”

The Evening Standard said yesterday that DK’s consultation period is coming to an end and that London staff will be formally informed on Friday afternoon whether they have lost their jobs.

Comments (4)

  1. “German Dresdner bankers in London safer if they have lots of children..”

    is it too late to start having some kids now?

  2. Anna
    Meet you in reception in 5?

  3. Anna/ Riskman
    you could make some good money selling viewing tickets to trading floors as it would brighten up their lives…certainly would be lots of takers from morgan stanley and jpm where it is morgue-like at present

  4. I’ll have to leave that up to Anna JP.
    In my experience, I have always found the JP trading floor a bit of a turn off though…

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