Was this man foolish to quit JP Morgan for an MBA?

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On a relatively unknown student website, Business Because, we came across an interesting interview with Yu Tian, a JPMorgan associate who's voluntarily quitting his job in the current market to study an MBA at Imperial. In doing so, he is set to spend 80k on fees and living expenses.

To relieve you of the need to read the entire article, we've summarized the relevant points as follows:

Current position: Equity fund associate in JP Morgan's UK equity pricing team, based in Edinburgh

Position aspired to: Long term goal to set up 'own equity reporting firm.' Short term goal to get into 'international banking.'

Academics: Degree in finance and investment from University of Stirling.

Previous work experience: Junior business analyst at RBS in Edinburgh

Why an MBA?: "I see it as a process of expanding my knowledge, perspectives on life and getting closer to achieving my life goals. I always knew I would go back to school some day."

Would you do the same as Yu?

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