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Did J.P. Morgan just ask some staff to amend profiles on LinkedIn?

J.P. Morgan on LinkedIn

Has J.P. Morgan asked its staff to hide on LinkedIn?

Rumour has it that J.P. Morgan’s most desirable and hard-to-retain staff may soon become harder to find on LinkedIn.

Recruiters claim that some technology professionals at J.P. Morgan in the UK have been ordered to heavily simplify their LinkedIn profiles. Henceforth, job titles and dates of employment will allegedly be fine. Any information about their actual roles will allegedly not.

J.P. Morgan declined to comment on the alleged LinkedIn changes, which we suspect could be entirely spurious. However, the bank has a company-wide LinkedIn policy which doesn’t forbid staff from posting role details to the social media site. If true, the requirements are likely to have come from a disgruntled boss. Technology projects are business-sensitive and staff who reveal too much about new tech initiatives might be giving away company secrets. Similarly, technologists are hard to hire and seeing your team plastered across LinkedIn might be an irritation.

Technology recruiters are miffed about the move. “It’s ridiculous,” says one. “It’s a massive contravention of people’s personal space.”

Let us know if you’ve been asked to modify your J.P.M LinkedIn profile using the comment box below. (Or email us at Editor@eFinanciaCareers.com)

Comments (4)

  1. Surprised it has taken this long and when are the rest of their staff going to do the same?
    We can then get back to proper hhing and those poor internal recruiters who are Linkedin reliant will be box enclosed..

  2. It is time banks woke up to that and it makes absolute sense. LinkedIn is mainly used by headhunters and recruiters. Most bankers never interact with each other on LinkedIn and the only reason to be on it is to be recruited … so anyone who actually puts a lot of detail on their profile is basically posting their CV online … in the hope of being headhunted. Every headhunter knows that the more detail to a profile the more open the candidate. The hard to find are usually the top guys paid top dollars who are really NOT looking … Posting a CV on a job board might be confidential but being openly looking for roles on LinkedIn isn’t.

  3. “LinkedIn is mainly used by headhunters and recruiters.” Absolutely untrue. 347+ million members across 200 countries and territories as of Feb 5…you can bet headhunters and recruiters are only one piece of the LinkedIn pie. C-suite execs average 930 1st connections…you can also bet some of these are bank execs. 7,264,944 results for LinkedIn people search on “banking”…I got to page 5 of these results w/o ever seeing one recruiter. You, my friend, are the one who needs to wake up.

  4. I would decline the request. Career management is critical in this day and age. If you let your bosses limit your value in known mediums then they have you boxed in for retention.

    If they PAY more for less transparency then hey, different dialog. Last I checked, that wasn’t a practice that I heard of.

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