Is Dimon (only) doing it for the PR?

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Jamie Dimon is apparently going out of his way to find new jobs for the 5,000 bankers out on their ear following JPMorgan's emergency resuscitation of Bear Stearns.

According to the Financial Times, Dimon's taken it upon himself to write 'personally' to clients, vendors and rival banks asking them to find a refuge for his Bear rejects.

Together with a database of vacancies (put together by someone else), Dimon apparently hopes his technique will re-house as many as 2,500 Bear-ites.

If the scheme works, other banks might feel obliged to do the same.

Will Dimon make a difference to the plight of Bear babes? Do banks have a responsibility to help re-house those they kick out of the door? Or is Dimon just trying very, very hard to be liked? Let us know if you think he's a NICE MAN....