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There will be no Lehman exodus from Nomura

Will Nomura’s Lehman adoptees make a beeline for the exit when a large part of their guaranteed bonuses finally becomes available at the end of this month? Apparently not.

To recap… Following the sad and untimely demise of LEH, Nomura hired around 2,500 of its people in London. If said people were sufficiently senior they were apparently offered very generous bonuses to remain in situ.

These bonuses were allegedly guaranteed at 2007 levels and payable in two tranches: 70% in April 2009; 30% in September 2009.

It’s nearly April. But after a spate of early exits, former Lehman bankers don’t appear to be readying for a departure.

“I don’t think people are going to leave,” says one senior ex-Lehman person. “It’s not necessarily a sign that everyone’s happy here, but people are being a lot more selective about where they’re going to go right now. No one’s offering real amounts of money to move and it’s not worth the risk moving.”

Recruiters confirm that LEH survivors are happy with their saviour. “It’s quite a happy place,” says one (who works for Nomura). “It’s a pretty stable platform and most people feel the business is going well.”

Comments (8)

  1. its a horrible place to be part of, after the rounds in December and January laying off juniors …. and aparently reopened consultation process and another round this week – just before bonuses, Nomura got far too big piece to chew. From London’s 150 bankers in September to just over 400 now Nohmura Brothers bears too much pain from the fixed cost, never mind bonuses . . . I won’t be suprised to see another 150 people going before September (with another round in July – before juniors are paid)

  2. I agree – there is another round of redundancies in the next week or two. Their Q4 results are going to be terrible…maybe people don’t want to leave – instead they are going to get pushed….

  3. Ex Lehmanites will not be leaving Nomura in any real numbers as there really is nowhere else to go for the most part..however much Long Term Nomura people dislike them..and dislike them they do!!

  4. I am a happy ex-lehmaner who got chopped in Decemeber round of layoffs at Nomura, I got quite a few job offers in January and had to consider hard which company I was going to work for. The truth is, too many ex-lehman were just too afriad to make a change. and the market is not all that bad and there is a strong demand for ex-lehmans…

    Proud ex lehman Reply
  5. I agree with Proud ex-lehman – good people always have somewhere to go and that’s precisely the ones you want to retain. Even Citi is hiring !

    Proud ex-lehman 2 Reply
  6. Citi sucks! Twice as bureacratic as other banks with loads of in-fighting

    Glad to be ex-Citi Reply
  7. “Sad and untimely death.” wtf?

    It was probably one of the poorly mismanaged firms in US corporate history. Get a grip Sarah!

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