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Get ahead as a woman: go into asset management

Financial News has produced its annual list of the top 100 women in finance and, as usual, it contains a disproportionately high number of women working in asset management.

While fund management is home to power women like Katherine Garrett-Cox and Helena Morrissey, sectors like hedge funds and private banking are relatively bereft of female role models.

Surprisingly perhaps, private equity ranks second as a location for successful women, with the likes of Julie Williamson at Terra Firma. However, women aren’t exactly numerous in private equity – Williamson is only one of 14 senior managers at Terra.

Where the power women work:

Asset management: 35

Private equity: 10

Law: 8

Investment banking: 8

Capital markets: 7

Sales and trading: 6

Hedge funds: 5

Senior management and ops (banking): 5

Investment consulting and pensions buyouts: 4

Private banking: 4

Public sector and industry associations: 3

Custody: 2

Exchanges: 2

Source: Financial News

Comments (4)

  1. Where do powerful ethnic minorities work?

  2. “Where do powerful ethnic minorities work”

    If they work hard enough and pass interviews, they can work in many places! The only ‘powerful’ ethnic minorities are those given titles by New Labour. Baroness Scotland is one that springs to mind. She was in a high-end job before she went into politics – A QC I think.

  3. Powerful minorities? Hmm, look around; Citi, ML, Permira, DB, the list goes on. Markets tend to be more meritocratic, but Buffini proves this statement wrong.

    Anyway, dont get too hung up about such things!

  4. Damn : I should have been a woman then :o) ! How can i change that then ?

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