Get ahead as a woman: go into asset management

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Financial News has produced its annual list of the top 100 women in finance and, as usual, it contains a disproportionately high number of women working in asset management.

While fund management is home to power women like Katherine Garrett-Cox and Helena Morrissey, sectors like hedge funds and private banking are relatively bereft of female role models.

Surprisingly perhaps, private equity ranks second as a location for successful women, with the likes of Julie Williamson at Terra Firma. However, women aren't exactly numerous in private equity - Williamson is only one of 14 senior managers at Terra.

Where the power women work:

Asset management: 35

Private equity: 10

Law: 8

Investment banking: 8

Capital markets: 7

Sales and trading: 6

Hedge funds: 5

Senior management and ops (banking): 5

Investment consulting and pensions buyouts: 4

Private banking: 4

Public sector and industry associations: 3

Custody: 2

Exchanges: 2

Source: Financial News