Debate: London sucks, nepotism - and the hell of being an analyst

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Is London really that bad? Is it fair to find jobs through friends and family? And are the analyst years the worst of your life?

Is it really worth banking your career on London? We've had quite a few pieces looking at London's allure relative to Wall Street. But several people have pointed out that London's getting a lot more expensive than New York, meaning any upside in compensation is eroded by the downside of living in small, expensive apartments in the vicinity of fish and chip shops. 'Libby' goes one step further, claiming London "sucks" and Asia's better for quality of life. US bankers want a piece of the action

Kissing class At least one bank has doubled the amount of cash on offer to employees who can entice friends (subject to having the right qualifications and knowing their bonds from their armpits) to come and work for it. But are these schemes really merit based - or do they just perpetuate nepotism and reward relationships that begin in the classrooms of prestigious universities and business schools? It's who you know

Look back in horror We ran an email exchange between an antagonistic analyst and an impatient associate. Who was right and who was wrong? Reactions were mixed - but one thing was certain: being an analyst is not nice. Analysts vs. associates