Risk salary survey, mark II

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Just in case last week's pay porn for risk managers wasn't enough to satisfy your curiosity, here we have another risk salary (and bonus) survey from recruitment firm PSD Group. The conclusion of this one? Market risk is hot, credit risk is not.

The accompanying write-up (which we are not displaying), talks of talent shortages in commodities and equity derivatives.

Director market risk, Salary range: 100-150k, Average bonus: 80-100%

VP market risk, Salary range: 85-110k, Average bonus: 40-50%

Associate market risk, Salary range: 55-65k, Average bonus: 30-40%

Analyst market risk, Salary range: 45-55k, Average bonus: 20%

Director credit risk, Salary range: 100-120k, Average bonus: 70-100%

VP credit risk, Salary range: 60-90k, Average bonus: 45-55%

Associate credit risk, Salary range: 45-60k, Average bonus: 20-30%

Analyst credit risk, Salary range: 35-40k, Average bonus: 20%

Director operational risk, Salary range: 100-150k, Average bonus: 50-75%

VP operational risk, Salary range: 65-85k, Average bonus: 40%

Associate operational risk, Salary range: 45-65k, Average bonus: 15-20%

Analyst operational risk, Salary range: 35-45k, Average bonus: 10%

Director quantitative analytics, Salary range: 90-150k, Average bonus:80-130%

VP quantitative analytics, Salary range: 65-100k, Average bonus: 70%

Quantitative associate, Salary range: 50-70k, Average bonus: 50%

Quantitative analyst, Salary range: 45-50k, Average bonus: 40%