Another risk salary and bonus survey

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There's something about risk which seems to lend itself to comprehensive studies of risk professionals' salaries and bonuses. While the most pressing issue of the moment is what first year and second year analysts are being paid, we are instead therefore able to provide you with another, albeit more detailed, breakdown of pay expectations in the risk sector.

This one is from risk recruitment firm GRS and is based on their experience of rates currently on offer in the market. According to a spokesman, risk compensation is easier to predict than compensation in the front office as it's less dependent on P&L. This may explain the output of surveys.

Compensation in asset management risk, 2009

Asset management risk pay

Source: GRS

Compensation in credit risk, 2009

Credit risk pay

Source: GRS

Compensation in market risk, 2009

Market risk pay

Market risk pay2

Source: GRS