Botox to beat redundancy?

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Bankers in New York are said to be resorting to personal grooming as a means of warding off unemployment. Will it work?

The Times reports (see the end of the very long article in the link) that male bankers are branching out into new areas such as "blending" to tone down their grey hairs and "take 10 years off the face".

One Suki Duggan, owner of DonSuki's hair salon on Manhattan's Upper East Side, told the Times: "Men are frightened. People are getting laid off, and few places are hiring senior workers because of the high pay they demand. These older men have to appear fresh and valuable because there is no room for tired and stale employees in this economy."

Some are even verging on the Michael Jackson solution. A surgeon told the paper:

One guy I hadn't seen for four years said he lost his stock, his job, everything. The best investment he could make is Botox, laser and skin fillers."

Are serious grooming and skin fillers a real barrier to redundancy? Or is Oil of Olay perfectly adequate? Let us know.