Debate: RBS a softer touch, Lehman's M&A ambitions, Dubai up or down

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Will RBS be less heavy handed than Bar Cap? What's going on at Lehman? And is Dubai going awry?

The gentle bank Overlaps between the corporate markets division of Royal Bank of Scotland and the wholesale banking division of ABN AMRO are fewer than those between ABN and Barclays Capital. Does this mean the Scottish marauders will be any more gentle with their prey? Not necessarily.

Wishing for RBS may not be such a good idea

Losing out at Lehman Brothers Lehman has lost people from its European M&A team. Several (we suspect not entirely impartial) commentators say it's symptomatic of the bank's culture. One adds that LB has a short-term outlook in Europe, and another says the strong US franchise hasn't proven exportable...

Leaky Lehman

Chill in the desert Is Dubai going to rise on a tide of infrastructure investment, or has the Middle East's potential been over-estimated. Commentators have mixed views - one says the promise of growth is no more than a mirage. Another says the region needs to be given time.

Dubai bankers most fearful of getting the boot