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Wanted: people to make people redundant

Redundancies don’t just happen on their own you know – someone has to work very hard to make sure everything goes to plan. And while everyone else is losing jobs, those particular people are busier than ever.

Joanna McDowell, a consultant dealing with HR recruitment at Huxley Associates, says jobs for employee relations (ER) professionals are up around 33% on last year and are likely to rise further in the near future.

ER is quite remunerative. McDowell says a head of ER at a US bank can expect a base of 85k-95k, plus a 25% bonus.

If you’re an ER victim, working for the dark side may suddenly seem quite appealing. But sympathy and banking experience alone are insufficient to penetrate the ER cabal: you also need to know about employment law. Most ER types are apparently lawyers.

While redundancy specialists are hot, recruiters at investment banks are understandably not. Despite this, Goldman, Credit Suisse and RBS have all hired senior-level recruitment people in London in the past few months. Could this be indicative of recruitment intentions for the future?

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  1. Sarah, I find all your recent articles very negative and demoralizing…

  2. McDowell makes a good point

  3. Sorry Chris. I don’t intend to make things worse… I did actually write a few positive articles a few weeks ago, but was lambasted for them at the time. There are a few upbeat things in the pipeline, so keep an eye out for them.

    Sarah, Editor, eFinancialCareers Reply
  4. I disagree, I feel McDowell is off the mark

  5. What is the basis for your disagreement? McDowell clearly has her finger on the pulse!

  6. Actually Sarah has indirectly made a great point – retrain as a lawyer – more stable career and clearly quite lucrative too!

    potential_lawyer Reply
  7. I Think that Joanna McDowall of Huxley raises some interesting points and seems to really know the Banking market.

    I will be calling her very soon to Help us out

    Global Head of HR Reply
  8. Yes, half my family are lawyers …. and they are the most boring and pedantic people on earth

  9. Sarah, I find all your recent articles very dumb and ill-researched.

  10. Sarah is bright, concise and as her photo on a previous article demonstrates, very attractive as well. Keep it up.

  11. Get paid to tell people they’ve been fired and make them cry? Hell, I’d do that for free!!

  12. Can we have a picture of McDowell? She sounds like a switched on girl.

  13. “Global Head of HR,” which desk do you work on at Huxley?

  14. ‘Global Head HR’ sounds like Alice the receptionist at Huxley

    Real Global Heads dont have time to sit on these forums making comments

  15. I’ve met McDowell – she’s breath-taking

  16. I think that this report needs a couple of actual data points, all we have seen so far is gossip and hearsay from McDowell.

  17. We dont need more lawyers, I should know im a judge

  18. Mcdowell goes…

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