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Fund manager wants eccentric intellectuals

Bramdean Asset Management, the boutique fund manager founded by Nicola Horlick – she of City superwoman status – is looking for two researchers, but they’re unlikely to be run of the mill candidates.

At a reception last night, organised by the CFA Society of the UK, Horlick said the last addition to her five-strong research team was a former concert violinist from Goa with an ‘amazing brain’.

Horlick mentored the musical prodigy, who turned to IT to pay the bills before coming to work for Bramdean. “We hired him on a six-month contract and before the six months were up my colleagues were begging him to stay,” she said: “He became obsessed with private equity and hedge funds and started spouting the most amazing ideas.”

Ideally, Horlick says she’d like to hire someone rather similar: “I’ll just know when the right person comes along.”

Realistically, however, she says one of the new hires will probably have a quant background to help analyse Bramdean’s hedge fund investments.

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  1. I rather think we can trump being a violinist for an entry level person with non standard background, mixed with high end math quant ability.
    We have a few fighter pilots, scholars of forgotten tongues, national junior champions in chess, bridge and go, and a surprising number for former anti-globalists who grew up and realised they were wrong.

  2. We can trump that! The guy next to me is a former world limbo champion!

  3. Hi dominic conor….. great… yes chess players would do.

  4. Haha. You go DOM!

  5. Nicola Horlick seems to be an expert in one thing, which is endless selfpromotion. I have no knowledge of Bramdean and whether they are any good but all they are is another fund of funds house / advisory. This story just smells of more marketing fluff.

  6. BRAL LN Equity -17,48% ytd

  7. In Italy we say “It does not matter whethe people talk positively or negatively about you, what really matters is that they go on talking about you”. I think Ms Horlick spent some time in Italy

    andreapappalardo Reply
  8. Nicola Horlick is so incredibly insecure. She updates her online profiles every few days with her achievements, changing one word at each edit. She desperately sends the press “press releases” like this to try and grab some more ‘fame’, all with self-penned biographies about how she has “made it in life”. Feel so sorry for her.

  9. The popular media, including tabloids, ‘made’ Nicola Horlick. They dubbed her ‘Superwoman’ after it was revealed she had five kids AND a career in the City. One of her children died from a brain disease, I think.

    She’s the one who took a group of journalists to the HQ of a German bank in Frankfurt to demand her job back. Lots there for tabloids and qualities.

    On the plus side, she has set up a children’s charity.

  10. I have a screen in my bedroom. Nothing to do with trading.

  11. Nicola Horlick is a warm, lovely, courageous woman. You people know nothing.

  12. “Where’s Barry George when we most need him ?”


  13. I ask you Nicola, how many of your brilliant hires will be ethnic minorities?

  14. ethnic minorities are catered for via the Bramdean charity.

  15. What does hiring ethnic minorities have to do with anything? If they present themselves as good, they’ll be hired. Getting the job because they’re ‘ethnic’ is a no-no.

  16. I’m a non-white lesbian marxist belonging to the guild of knitting circles. I demand a job and i demand it now !!

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