Top 20 best paid jobs outside banking

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Wondering what to do while you wait for investment banks to rise from the ashes? Courtesy of the UK Office of National Statistics, here are the mean salaries for the 20 best paying jobs for men working full time in the UK during 2008.

1. Director/chief executive of a major organization: 136k

2. Corporate managers and 'senior officials': 110k

3. Medical practitioners: 80k

4. Health professionals: 74k

5. Aircraft pilots and flight engineers: 74k

6. Financial managers and chartered secretaries: 70k

7. Senior officials in national government: 68k

8. Managers in mining and energy: 65k

9. Air traffic controllers: 64k

10. Dental practitioners: 62k

11. Solicitors, lawyers, judges and coroners: 60k

12. Personnel, training and industrial relations managers: 60k

13. Legal professionals: 59k

14. Functional managers: 57k

15. Police officers (inspector and above): 56k

16. Purchasing managers: 53k

17. Marketing and sales managers: 53k

18. Senior officials in local government: 53k

19. Legal professionals n.e.c.*: 52k

20. Pharmacy managers: 52k

*Let us know if you know what a legal professional n.e.c. actually does.