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Top 20 best paid jobs outside banking

Wondering what to do while you wait for investment banks to rise from the ashes? Courtesy of the UK Office of National Statistics, here are the mean salaries for the 20 best paying jobs for men working full time in the UK during 2008.

1. Director/chief executive of a major organization: 136k

2. Corporate managers and ‘senior officials’: 110k

3. Medical practitioners: 80k

4. Health professionals: 74k

5. Aircraft pilots and flight engineers: 74k

6. Financial managers and chartered secretaries: 70k

7. Senior officials in national government: 68k

8. Managers in mining and energy: 65k

9. Air traffic controllers: 64k

10. Dental practitioners: 62k

11. Solicitors, lawyers, judges and coroners: 60k

12. Personnel, training and industrial relations managers: 60k

13. Legal professionals: 59k

14. Functional managers: 57k

15. Police officers (inspector and above): 56k

16. Purchasing managers: 53k

17. Marketing and sales managers: 53k

18. Senior officials in local government: 53k

19. Legal professionals n.e.c.*: 52k

20. Pharmacy managers: 52k

*Let us know if you know what a legal professional n.e.c. actually does.

Comments (44)

  1. and what of the bonuses for directors / chief executives of companies and for corporate managers?

  2. Legal professionals n.e.c. = Legal professionals not elsewhere classified

    These would be legal professionals who are working in industry and therefore do not fall into the “Solicitors, lawyers, judges and coroners” bucket. Typically these are internal legal counsel and managers within the legal function.

  3. it does make sence what level , what yrs experience your talking about within them… its like apples n oranges,,,,

  4. So the highest pay is 136k – what a 23-24yr old 1st year associate at a top bank still makes (inc bonus) these days. Hilarious.

  5. ‘let us know…….’ – and theres us thinking efinancial was a recruitment specialist lol

  6. What about senior Army Officers – well in your top rankers. Oh ….. and of course the free mansion house, car and driver, domestic staff and obligatory knighthood. Lucrative “defence consulting” and directorships of arms manufacturers on retirement. Or a seat in the Lords. Did I mention free uniforms and subsidised food?

  7. Sorry ,,, forgot to mention the Boarding school allowance for Army Officers, can’t have future Cavalry Officer going to any old school !

  8. You forgot those plumbers who can earn up to 90K and not even declare all their income to the taxman :-)

  9. With regards to Henry’s comment, 24 year old NQ lawyers at any US law firm in London are on a base of 80K…

    Public info – google any decent US law firm – see the trainee contract/pay on qualification page to verify.

    Sarah – I don’t know why Corporate Law is not listed as a sector – I certainly don’t work in Compliance!

  10. MPs earn 65k odd, plus effectively living for free and a very nice pension.

  11. On the basis that these are government statistics, we can be happy in the knowledge that its entirely inaccurate and probably a few years out of date.

  12. Think bankers have a big reality check coming their way – and a good thing too.

    Welcome to the real world after decades destroying value and turning your industry into the worst subsidy junkie ever seen

  13. I think you could have been a bit more imaginative and perhaps look for other sources to actually inspire people

  14. If NQs are on 80k next year I will eat my hat (even taking into account depreciation of the GBPeso).

  15. waste of time … thanks for nothing!

  16. The only problem is that you start from scratch, you don’t start as an Inspector Police Officer when you were working in banking. You’ve to start from the bottom. (Not to mention the fact that I would never go to a dental practitioner that was used to be an investmente banker)
    Starting salaries would be much more interesting.

  17. Is this supposed to be a joke? If so you missed the punchline – why not compare to the 20 best paying jobs for WOMEN working full time in the UK during 2008. That should be good for a laugh.

  18. You digust me! After messing up the entire banking order of the western world you still have the temerity to talk about salary. You deserve a hole in the ground and that’s it!

  19. If you want to look at a starting salary, I know that a police officer for the Met here in London Salaries start at about 26k. This rises after 2 years on the beat to about 28-29k. Despite the hard work during your time on the beat, you do get a lot of time off between shifts etc.

    I’m a bit shocked there is nothing on there about top paid job women are in or if wanting to make this into an article about jobs outside Banking how about including all levels and Women.

  20. What are society we are. It’s all about money…. forget about being good at the job just show me the money! Madonna was right….we are living in a material world and I am material girl.

  21. 136k for Director/chief executive of a major organization would only just cover average house price with a standard mortgage at 2.5x salary. No wonder we have a housing / debt crisis…

  22. How much can one earn as the editor of a financial recruitment website?
    How much can one earn writing industry insider expose articles for said website?

  23. Henry: “So the highest pay is 136k – what a 23-24yr old 1st year associate at a top bank still makes (inc bonus) these days>”

    Not for much longer! That is a thing of the past, like the horse and buggy, or typewriter.

  24. With a wife and two children to support, and the private school fees, properties and holidays that go with that, I could not possibly survive on any of the figures quoted above. Its a good thing that investment banking, even after this downturn, will still pay multiple times more than any of the above quoted numbers. With 8 years experience I just got a ~400k bonus, would have been 600k in good times, that’s still sufficient for a good life for my family!

  25. Henry..tho i doubt that is really you!!
    Top Banks do not pay 23-24 year old 1st year associates anything like that 55k ( and that is rare) base and lets go for a 50% bonus ( which is rare) adds uo to 82.5 k .(rarely happened and as per comment above..is unlikely to happen in the medium term either)
    My own Bank pays approx base 50 and maybe 33% bonus in the good times totals 67k (approx)
    still criminally high for trainees

  26. Henry: “So the highest pay is 136k – what a 23-24yr old 1st year associate at a top bank still makes (inc bonus) these days>”

    Henry makes these comments regularly. I actually have a very accurate idea of what a lot of 1st year associates earn at a top bank. A 23 year old on over 100k is very rare.

  27. These statistics are pretty useless, probably due to enormous sample size or inadequate attention paid to the people within the categories; chief execs earning 136k? Hardly.

    Besides, while money is very important it really isn’t everything. Better advice would be to find a job you like and then excel at it, the money will come even if you have to move companies occasionally to keep moving up.

  28. Jamie, where do you work, are you currently hiring or did you extract your bonus at gunpoint? I am dying to know. And another thing: you better start enrolling your children at the local school and think of paying down that mortgage with the most recent bonus, this recession is going to be a tough one, especially in the UK.

  29. N.E.C it probably means like most lawyers Not Exactly Competent

    Iditor Solicitor Reply
  30. Thanks Chris… your comment is filled with wisdom. We should all get busy at what we enjoy doing and that’s the secret of success!

  31. IBHR and HB, clearly you must work at lower-tier banks or not in the front office. ASSOCIATE BASIC PAY IS ALWAYS AROUND 60K AT TOP BANKS. Maybe 58k then 62k the next year or whatever, always around the 60k mark. 50k base at associate level will be at 2nd tier banks. And you think 50% bonus is rare for an Associate? Absolutely hilarious. Perhaps this year only on desks which completely suffered. Most people I know at top banks got similar to last year (official stats show the bonus pool was only 4.7% less than last year’s) – and that bonus is A MULTIPLE of their base salary. Get a grip of reality guys.

  32. CEOs of major organisations would not get out of bed for 136k gbp even after all deductions and with a huge bonus. Cant imagine any lawyer accepting these figures. Lies, damn lies and then Statistics

  33. What about management consulting? Pays pretty well by comparison

  34. Why is all about money with you reprobates?

    Jeez I hate this city.

  35. Is there any chance to find a job in the Banking and Finance legal system? What are the chances?

  36. oil and gas reservior engineers earn an absolute mint especially the offshore ones

  37. accountants???

  38. The picture of the 23 year old boy making 136k for wearing a suit and using financial jargon as a mouthwash is scandalous.

  39. Where are the Female rankings ? Just don’t disappoint me and have me run screaming by saying there are not large cadres of professional females having to rise from the ashes of the currently trashed investment banking world. Please don’t tell me they were all secretaries anyway and are now happily temping.

  40. Sarah, I think it’s about time you asked Herny to write a column.

  41. They forgot to mention professional footballers, and of course lapdancers.

  42. Exactly, how pathetic is the vitriol from some about what people in the city earn, when they quite easily overlook the inbred goons earning 50-100k A WEEK in the Premiership for doing 14 hours training (I do that in the gym each week anyway).

    But, hey, it’s ok that footballers earn such stupid wages, because we all love football and it’s cool to talk about. But bankers, they’re the scum of the earth because they work with money, which we all envy, and no-one understands what they do anyway.

    Perhaps people would give the bankers some more love if they weren’t so blatently brash with “normal” people.

  43. Sorry to have to inform you, but you get nothing free in the military. The accommodation (married quarter) is not free, neither is the batman or driver, the food in the mess and in your quarters are not subsidised, as for uniform the first issue of combat gear is free but the rest you have to pay for. Schooling is subsidised if you want to make sure your child’s schooling is not disrupted by constant moves. If you don,t mind disturbing their education, there are local military schools if based outside the UK. Yes we pay tax and NI.

    For all this you have to be prepared to put your life on the line and also be prepared to do some ugly thing to your fellow man. If Wizard is so smug and sure of himself, maybe he would like to come out to play with us in the Helmand

  44. Most of these seem under estimated to me – especially the MD/CEO and solicitor ones. I work in VC and most of our FDs and MDs are on 90k to 120k and have equity as well. The average London solicitor is on a lot more than 60k once qualified too.

    It’s all well and good focusing on headline salary but you should look at hours worked too. If you can get 90k for working 8am to 6pm with every weekend free is it really worth all your evenings and weekends to earn and extra 50k…?

    As usual from efinancial a rather shallow article that assumes ‘banking is best’ and doesn’t encourage people to follow their interests rather than s.

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