Seven very good reasons why you should be working for Credit Suisse

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Out of all the banks that have reported second quarter results so far, Credit Suisse's investment bank looks in a particularly strong position. It may even have supplanted Goldman Sachs as the place to be. Here's why:

1). Revenue growth

Percentage change in net revenues, 1H08-1H09

Percentage change in net revenues

2). Low risk

Average daily VaR at end of Q209 (US$m)

Average Daily VaR

3). Stable risks

Percentage change in average daily VaR, Q208-Q209

Percentage change in VaR

4). Cost control

Compensation ratio Q209

Compensation ratio

5). Limited redundancies

Percentage change in headcount, Q208-Q209

Percentage change in headcount

6). Profitability

Profit per employee (US$)


7). Pay

Pay per head 1H09, (US$ '000)

Pay per head

All figures refer to CS investment bank