Why would anyone want to work at UKFI?

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To much fanfare, UK Financial Investments has released its first set of annual results today.

So how much can you earn at an organization whose self-proclaimed aim is to be a 'small expert body' managing the UK government's investments in 'financial institutions in the interests of maintaining financial stability'?

Not much.

John Kingman, UKFI chief exec, can expect a salary of 143k this year, less than John Thain's chauffeur.

The average member of UKFI's eleven staff can expect an annualized salary of 89k. This may or may not be supplemented by a bonus of up to 20%.

In return for this, it may be necessary to submit to ridicule by select committee, and accusations of ineptitude by politicians.

None of this appears to be discouraging UKFI's existing staff, however. Between October and March, none of them took any sick leave at all - even though the average public sector employee takes two weeks every year.

The excitement of the job and the company of healthy colleagues may be the best way of selling the remaining four job vacancies at UKFI. High salaries certainly aren't going to do it.