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How to walk into a job at BlueCrest

A door of opportunity

BlueCrest Capital Management has been a good bet for disaffected traders from investment banks over the past year. It’s also been a good bet for traders who lost their jobs at SAC Capital Advisors’ London office.

So how can find yourself a job at BlueCrest? The simplest route seems to be to encourage your boss to find a job at BlueCrest and to then follow him/her across. Failing that, spend some time at a long short equity platform with a sector focus and stress your enthusiasm for working on something similar.

This was the method successfully employed by Jonas Schwinn and Thibault Nardin, the two ex-SAC traders who went on a charity mission to the Philippines before Christmas.

Both men are following their ex-boss, Lia Forcini to BlueCrest today. “Lia had already joined, so it’s a simple move – we’re just going to her team,” said Schwinn. It helps that BlueCrest’s new equity fund has similarities with the way SAC operated in London. Schwinn added: “BlueCrest are building a long short equity platform split into industry groups, with a similar set up to SAC.

“At SAC we were probably more market neutral,” he adds. “We weren’t allowed to take very big exposures.”

Despite exceeding their initial target of $25k, Schwinn and Nardin are still raising money for victims of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines. You can donate by clicking here. 


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