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Short video provides highly accurate summation of life as a senior M&A banker

The ibanker again

Ok, the existence of a junior M&A banker may be limited to 14 hour days in boiler rooms churning out pitch-books and finessing financial models, but life as a senior dealmaker is a little more complex.

Firstly, you need to have contacts who might want to do some deals. Secondly, you need to persuade those contacts to actually do the deals.

For anyone wondering how the latter comes to pass, anonymous investment banking blogger the iBanker has made a little video outlining the specifics. We’ve embedded it below. Basically, the role of a senior M&A banker amounts to that of a highly talented bluffer.

Comments (3)

  1. So basically, the M&A banker tells both side what they want to hear to get them to shake hands.

    Wait, isn’t that like match.com?


  2. Exact the matchmaker makes a couple more zeroes :D

  3. Reminds me of How To Marry Bill Gate’s Daughter strategy!

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