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Could you (would you) be a corporate treasurer?

With liquidity set to remain tight in 2009, it seems reasonably certain that treasurers who help manage cashflow for corporates will find their skills highly sought after next year.

Fortuitously, there is also a possibility that debt capital markets bankers, for whom 2009 looks set to be quiet as the grave, could reinvent themselves in the corporate treasurers’ mould.

“There’s not much precedent for it, but moving into corporate treasury could definitely be a possibility if you’ve got a DCM background,” says Ben Jones at headhunter Whitehead Mann. “Treasury is going to be a more critical skillset in 2009 and there will be hiring next year,” he adds.

Bankers toying with a treasury move are advised to take the Association of Corporate Treasurers’ qualifications. An ACA will help, but is not mandatory.

Matt Matteou, head of the treasury team at recruitment firm Robert Walters, says ex-bankers moving into a treasury function will need to brace themselves for lower pay. “Corporate treasury is not a profit centre, but most treasurers are on a six figure package,” he says.

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  1. going from DCM to coporate treasury really is a big change. DCm isn’t going to be booming for a long, long time and you can’t sit unemployed.

  2. DCM is about advising the client about financing. Which will be super critical for the foreseeable future. Sure if DCM means executing Eurobonds for you then the future is bleak. Put some effort into it and its bright.

  3. With banks freezing credit for blue chip corporate clients, issuing any corporate bonds is going to be a tough challenge. Investor are going to ask if the corporates can pay back the loan (bond) when they can’t even get a overdraft from their bank!

  4. I moved from Repo to Treasury. its completely different that working for an IB type function. most of Corporate treasurers work is managing around various regulations etc. FSA have released a new Liquidity regime which is the 09 hot topic. but v different to DCM i would imagine. especially since alot of the big firms would seperate long term funding from the day to day

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