Morning Coffee: Senior Morgan Stanley trader who was promised £670k finds self on £70 per week

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Let this be a warning to anyone who accepts a counteroffer and doesn't get it in writing.

The papers this morning are filled with the sorry tale of Benjamin Price, a man who spent 12 years at Morgan Stanley and progressed from analyst to 'senior trader' in the bank's derivatives business. At his Morgan Stanley zenith, Price was paid £518k a year. Sometime in 2010, however, Price was headhunted by Citigroup, which offered to pay him £670k. Rather than leaving for Citi, Price took this offer to Morgan Stanley, which promised to match it.

Come the 2010 bonus round, however, Price didn't receive a bonus making his pay up to the £670k he said been promised - he received a bonus making his total package worth £518k.  And the following year, in January, 2012, Price was made redundant. The FCA Register suggests he hasn't worked since. Price says he's been receiving £70 per week in unemployment benefit.

He's now attempting to reclaim £1m from Morgan Stanley for unfair dismissal, breach of contract and whistle blowing.


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