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What’s happening to pay at JPMorgan?

On one hand, it looks like the famously frugal Jamie Dimon may be splashing out more than he can afford. But closer examination suggests JPMorgan bankers could be in for a shock.

According to JPMorgan’s Q2 results, the investment bank spent 57% of its total net revenues on compensation costs in the last quarter, up from 41% in Q1 and 45% for the same period last year.

Dimon justified the splurge by saying he doesn’t want his investment bankers “getting depressed” (Reuters).

However, a comparison with pay accrued at JPMorgan in the first half of last year suggests its bankers have ample reason to be morose: in the first six months of 2007 average comp was $206k per head; in YTD 2008 it was just $118k.

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  1. JPM is one of the best banks out there – making profits and in a position to hire the best people, on top of the Bear Stearns folks who have been getting relocated internally. Nothing compared to the horrendous stories coming from the likes of Citigroup, Merrill or the next fallen angel Lehman

  2. Agree…

    Spent 3yrs at JPMorgan, a “proper” bank, with good management. aggressive in risk taking, but with risk management controls in place to best harness/manage those positions.

    Masses of talent, they pay well, and it’s an excellent name. European franchise can only get stronger too.

    Merrill and Lehman – what falls from grace. Shoddy people, arrogant management in recent years, obsessed with what WAS a good name.

    Citi – arguably a bit too unwieldy.

    JPM second only to Goldman i’d say. Tthereafter Barclays Capital one to watch.

    spot n forward Reply
  3. Only a few banks have remained profitable throughout the CC..and JPM ain’t one of ’em. Goldmans, BNP and a couple of others.

    Johnny Anonymous Reply
  4. Johnny you made a mistake telling that BNP was not struck by CC, because it was the first bank to announce that their mortgage-back securities are worthless in late July/early August last year.

  5. Funny thing about that is one of my friend’s just got fired from JPM amid a large redundancy programme in Spring this year. I guess that CDO Hero 2 has no idea what he/she is talking about: “JPM is one of the best banks out there – making profits and in a position to hire the best people”

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