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African banks want African bankers to come back home

As we have mentioned previously, there are still financial services jobs to be had in Africa. Leading players on the continent like Standard Chartered are comparatively unaffected by the crisis, and when it announced its results last week, Macquarie confirmed plans to build a South African derivatives business.

Rupert Adcock, managing director of Global Career Company, says banks in Africa are very keen on encouraging African nationals currently based in the City or elsewhere to return home to work.

“Banks in Africa are opening up. They’re looking for people to work in North Africa – Angola and East Africa – Nigeria,” he says.

Adcock is organizing a Careers in Africa Summit between May 22nd and 24th in London. He says there will be 100 banking roles on offer at banks such as Standard Bank, Kenya Commercial Bank and Guaranty Trust.

Most of the financial services jobs at the summit are for the likes of risk managers, corporate bankers and treasurers, but there will also be opportunities for investment and private bankers. You’ll need to have work authorization for the relevant countries to be eligible.

Independently of Adcock’s event, we spoke to an ex-investment banking VP at one US bank in the City who’s left to work in an Africa-focused private equity firm. He said: “My sense is that over the next three years you will see a lot of change in Africa. The credit crunch is not going to be an issue – it’s always been a credit crunch in Africa.”

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  1. I think that’s wonderful that African banks are thriving in this economic crisis. Maybe it is time to go home and work where my education and experience would fully be appreciated. It is getting ridiculously hard to obtain a work permit. The home office might as well put up a big poster on their website and say ‘GO HOME!’. Honestly, the rules they are coming up with…I say I’m ready to go back to the motherland! They are doing better than the UK (3rd world countries my foot!)

  2. agree, lets get the hell out of here
    we took all we had to take

    africanbillionaire Reply
  3. Ile ya

  4. I agree, the outlook is gloomy… there is clearly nothing left
    It is time to pack

  5. Not to mention the good quality of life over there, big house, good food, nice weather… etc Viva Africa

  6. Mo fe sa lo

  7. Yep and the probability of getting murdered violently while coming back from the shops has fallen abit too now

  8. makes me feel sorry for UK born bankers…times are hard!!!

  9. LOL@ponterotto! It’s not as if you are any safer in the majority black neighbourhoods in this country either. We will come back when the mess here is over! At least in Africa you know get a job on merit not to fill “diversity” quotas!

    africa_will_always_be_home Reply
  10. Ema wo awon people yi. Una come they blast Yoruba for dis site.

    Africa is the way to go now. Even western expatraites that live there never want to come back despite all the falsehood about its dangers.

    Better quality of life and being part of a close community is very nice.

    Africa_will_always_be_home, the downside is that you need to be connected to get the best jobs most times. The merit thing is still growing, not yet instilled. And Labour laws are pathetic.

    And everyone is welcomed to join us there, African or not.

    And, hey, nigerian, I am the original user of this name. Ole, Barawo! :+)

  11. @africa_will_always_be_home your point on ‘It’s not as if you are any safer in the majority black neighbourhoods in this country either’ is so off key. I am white british and would feel safer in an african or indian neighbourhood anyday than is some chavtastic one. My African brothers and sisters, I’m coming oh – where is the suya?!

  12. here i come

  13. Opportunities abound EVERYWHERE. We must just learn not only to search for them, but to create them so others can search for us creators. So whether you are in Africa or in Antartica, learn to create. Why should the universe always give and we take, whereas we can give to the universe and for a change not show a hand?? Indeed, Africa is good for now, was it the case yesterday? Will it be the case eternally? Let’s create to keep Africa and the global community going. We would have at least tried if we happen to fail. And hey, we could employ all these qualified people anywhere, isn’t it?

    Universally African Reply
  14. Na true talk all of una dey talk. Make we all go 9ja enjoy the benefit of our expensive education and the suffer wey we undergo to get good work experience. We don gada good education/experience now and with our thorough understanding of where we come from, the cultural, economic, social and religious issues, who better pass us to develop our fatherland. I don dey park by bag and baggages. Lagos Airport, here I come.

  15. Its high time we took our intellect, exposure, enlightenment, knowledge and skills back to HOMELAND……….lets make ‘MAMA AFRICA’ great ……YES, we can!
    Lets push the Limits Brothers!…… Lets push the Limits!

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