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Female banker’s outrage at sexist (male) recruiter

Questions about husbands are off-limits

Questions about husbands are off-limits

A senior female banker has been in touch to inform us that yesterday’s list of outlandish questions asked in French finance interviews is equally relevant in London, where recruitment firms rather than banks themselves are the main perpetrators of sexism.

“I received a completely unsolicited call from a recruiter who asked me what my current situation was and what sort of thing would be persuade me to move,” she said. “So far so good.

“His third question, however, was whether I had a boyfriend or husband who might want a say in any job move I made. – Within London!!

“I seriously doubt he would have asked the same thing of a male candidate,” she adds.”My gender has nothing to do with my suitability to perform a given job; my experience does. My marital status has nothing to do with my ability to perform a given job; my education and intellect do.”

She’s emailed the recruitment firm to express her outrage. It seems they have yet to respond.

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  1. As a recruiter I think this story is a joke! I speak to around 50 candidates a day and at some point I will ask the majority of them about their personal situation. Ever since I was working on a role in the USA and at the last minute (after final round interview) found out that the candidates wife was not happy at the location of the new role which ultimately was the reason he did not accept.

    How is it sexist in anyway to ask a candidate something which may have a major impact on their decision making process.

    This to me sounds like another feminist looking for a reason to complain…

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