League table of guaranteed bonuses in 2009

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As has been variously noted, guaranteed bonuses have made a comeback in 2009. And rumour has it that some of the packages on offer this year have been very large - at 2007 levels, or higher.

Based on consensus estimates from several headhunters, we have therefore constructed the following league table of the alleged guarantees paid to this year's biggest hires. Please note that none of these figures have been confirmed by the individuals or banks concerned (who don't comment on pay anyway). Let us know if you think anything is wildly wrong.

1). Sanaz Zaimi

Who? Former partner and co-head of structured sales for Europe at Goldman Sachs. Joined BofA Merrill Lynch as head of fixed income currencies and commodities sales for Europe, the Middle East and Africa, as well as head of debt and equity structured products sales for EMEA.

Alleged package: As much as $24m over two years, plus a $50-100m stock buyout depending on movements in the share price of Goldman and BofA.

2). Selim Toker

Who? Managing director in risk advisory and capital solutions team at UBS, joining Nomura as head of global finance solutions team for Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Alleged package: As much as $8m over two years. Plus unspecified stock buyout.

3). Rajeev Misra

Who? Global head of credit and commodities at Deutsche Bank, before he left in June 2008 to establish a credit opportunity fund, 'Clarent Capital Management.' Joined UBS as head of its global credit business.

Alleged package: Rumours up to $20m for two years, but this is may be an exaggeration. $6m for one year is said to be more accurate.

4). Antonio Polverino

Who? European head of fixed-income, currencies and commodities sales at Bank of America Merrill Lynch in London. Joining RBS in (what is likely to be) a similar capacity.

Alleged package: $5m over two years. Plus unspecified stock buyout.

5). Henrik Raber

Who? Co-head of European credit flow sales and trading at UBS. Joining Standard Chartered to run its European and US capital markets business.

Alleged package: $2m. Plus unspecified stock buyout.

, 5). Rachel Lord and Stefanos Bitzakidis

Who? An executive in the equities group and global head of exotic equity derivatives at Morgan Stanley respectively. Joined Citigroup earlier this year.

Alleged package: Said (by Forbes) to have received a combined $3m in guarantees.