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The top 20 universities globally for getting a job in finance

Best universities if you want to work in banking

Best universities if you want to work in banking

The QS World University rankings are out. In the British press, there’s excitement over the fact that four of the all-round top six universities are based in the UK. However, if you want to work in banking and finance it won’t necessarily help if you go to a university that excels at modern history or English literature: you really need to study at a university a reputation for excellence in economics. In particular, you want to go to a university where employers really rate the economics course.

Fortunately QS splits out its rankings both by subject area and by employer reputation. Below we have listed the top twenty university courses globally for economics and econometrics, ranked according to employer reputation. There are some surprises. With the exception of Harvard, the U.S. Ivy League is not so hot. And where is the Stockholm School of Economics?

1. University of Cambridge. Employer reputation: 100

2. University of Oxford. Employer reputation: 99.9

3. Harvard University. Employer reputation: 97.5

4. London School of Economics: 96.4

5. National University of Singapore: 94.1

6. London Business School 92.5

7. MIT 91.3

8. Stanford University 90.1

9. The University of New South Wales 89.6

10. The University of Tokyo 89.0

11. The University of Sydney 87.5

12. The University of Hong Kong 86.4

13. Peking University 86.2

14. Bocconi 86.1

15. Monash University 84.8

16. Yale University 83.5

17. Seoul National University 82.6

18. Tsinghua University 82.4

=18. Columbia University 82.4

19. The University of Queensland 82.2

20. The University of Berkeley California 81

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Comments (11)

  1. Where is Wharton?

  2. When I see schools like Wharton and Chicago missing, it makes these surverys less credible.

  3. This article is plain wrong. Getting a degree in economics is not key to a career in banking. What employers do look for in a candidate is that they have a good degree (proper academic subject) from a reputable university. Degrees in certain subjects are favoured in certain disciplines. Eg Derivatives depts tend to employee people with degrees in maths, engineering and science, including to PhD level. I should know. I have a degree in Elec Eng from one of the top 5 Universities on the global ranking and am an MD level at a large Swiss IB.

  4. Totally agree with Rick. How could employers rate Tsingua University higher than Columbia (no offence).. I was a little disappointed with doubtful results.

  5. A interesting order, depends on rating?or something else?

  6. Agree with the comments here. No offence to UQ, HKUST and Monash, but I am curious to know which employer would rank them above Columbia and Yale, not to mention Chicago and Wharton etc that got no mention at all.

  7. Are we talking about undergrad or postgrad here? This could make quite a big difference..

  8. Hong Kong University of Science and Technology? You must be kidding me.

  9. Who said western uni. is necessarily better than asian uni. ?
    Asia is taking over the west..no offence

    AsiaIsTakingOver Reply
  10. Economics to get a job into banking? Sounds relevant for sure but you ll gain more skills with a finance degree and there are for certain really good finance courses out there both undergrad postgrad.

  11. Such ranking depends on which employers were being asked. I think such ranking may make some sense if you look at the result by region. However, putting all results together make it doubtful.

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