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Farmers, not bankers, will be driving Lamborghinis in future

Jim Rogers has been banging the drum for agricultural careers for a while now, but he’s becoming increasingly specific about the joys that await farmers in times to come.

His rationale (as told to The Economic Times) for farmers’ imminent enrichment is as follows –

The world has been consuming more than it produced. Food inventories are at a multi-decade low. And we haven’t had any bad weather. We had isolated cases of droughts and things. That may never happen again. But if it does, the prices of food would go through the roof.

If there is climate change taking place, the best way to participate is through agriculture or through agriculture products. There are many positive things happening. Right now, there is a shortage of everything in agriculture – seeds, fertilisers, tractors, tractor tyres. We have a shortage of farmers because farming has been a horrible business for the past 30 years….

The world has tens of thousands of hotshot fund managers right now. If I am correct, the financial community is not going to be a great place to be in for the next 30 years. We have many periods in history when financial people were in charge, we had many periods when people who produced real goods were in charge – miners, farmers, etc.

The world, in my view, is changing and is shifting away from the financial types to producers of real goods, and this is going to last for several decades as it always has. This may sound strange but it always happens this way. Ten years from now, it may be farmers who will drive the Lamborghinis and the stock brokers will drive tractors or taxis at best.

Separately, Roger’s own site contains the admonition:

“All your viewers who got MBA’s made a terrible mistake, the should try to go down and exchange them for farming degrees or mining degrees”

Comments (12)

  1. Is farming the new Goldman Sachs?

  2. And, almost forgotten, I, Jim Rogers, am not long commodities and my views are absolutely unbiased.

  3. A good deal of farmers already do drive lamborghinis…..on top of a fleet of cars, in their massive countryside estate, living an independent, happy, healthy day to day existence with buckets of free organic produce to boot……

    in the country Reply
  4. “Ten years from now, it may be farmers who will drive the Lamborghinis and the stock brokers will drive tractors”

    If agricultural people sell their tractors to the stockbrokers to get Lamborghinis, maybe they are not so clever after all.

  5. This comment is several months old. Clearly Jim has no understanding of economics and what drives pay. The fact that an apartment in in New York costs $4m does not mean the cleaner or the doorman drives Lamborghini’s. Maybe he can take economics 101, it will help him with his investment decisions.

  6. Does nobody realise that Lamborghini have been manufacturing unreliable tractors for years? Pop it into Google….

  7. The Lamborghini tractors may be unreliable, but they look good!

    People will, obviously, need to eat. So growing and selling food will always provide a living. But when you look at the way farmers and producers here in the UK get forced to sell their stuff to the big supermarkets at knock-down prices, it’s not really an incentive to go into agriculture. Unless it’s of the illicit variety!

    Jim Rogers is irritating and delights in putting people in banking/government down. Just because he got things right in the past is no guarantee he’ll get this call correct.

  8. F 15, I think its you that needs to take economics 101. Farmers know more about investment than most bankers who claim to be experts having read some DD. Also, how much tax do you pay on your salary? I’ll give you a clue how much a farmer pays – 0%.

  9. Dear F16, i have taken several ones… but apparently you have not because you are all concentrated on taxes and you miss completely the point. So let me teach you a bit of econ 101. The economic rent (ie the pay above average, which is what you need to buy Lamborghini) comes from 1/ monopoly (or duopoly) or 2/ scarce resources. Even assuming that farming is a scarce resource (which I do not know), the scarce resource is the land, not the labour. There is plenty of labour available to farm. It is difficult to see specialised farming labour as a scarce resource, even in the far future. So the economic rent (if there is) will accrue to the land owners, not to the farmers. Conclusion: if you think Jim Rogers argument is correct, you want to own land. Or invest/develop a business that will produce goods/technology for farming and improving productivity. Looking to be a farmer does not look that attractive, nor working for a company that has a business related to farming (unless you are there to learn and you then want to go on your own, i.e. develop your own company in providing farming-related services).

  10. F 44

    Last time I was being taught Econ 101, the professor knew how to construct sentences and didnt sound like he had just come over from a bangalore call centre.

    Good day

    Your economics sounds like gibberish Reply
  11. All i know about farmers is, after years of rampant inbreeding, the lack of opposable thumbs makes it damn hard to take those lonely, dark country road corners in a lambo.

    And the title of the piece says the “future”. They may not even be allowed to drive once they have de-evolved further into sub humans through further inhaling of who-knows-what type of chemical toxic waste they pour all over our food, and yet more attachment to “keeping it in the family”.

    Basic knowledge of the countryside Reply
  12. it’ll take a while for the farmer backlash – post offices closed several hours ago.

    Then again – I’ve seen the film Deliverance – maybe this farmer bashing isn’t such a great idea.

    We’ll have Liverpool street invaded by dungaree wearing, banjo playing psychos

    Basic knowledge of the countryside Reply

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