Debate: CVs, bad bonuses, interview excuses

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One page or two? Does the back office deserve more? Just popping out to find a new job.

The perfect CV

Should it be one page or two? Does anyone read it anyway unless you went to a gold-plated university and have worked for a few platinum-brand banks? What if you work for a cement company in India?

Guest comment: The art of CV writing

One for you, 10 for me

Junior bankers in the front office are reaping huge rewards (apparently), while junior bankers in operations are the recipients of something much more tiny. Should ops types get big pay anyway, given they all go home at 5.30pm (allegedly)?

Back office left behind on bonuses

Sneaking out for an interview

Toothache, leg ache, back ache, finger ache - whatever it takes to nip out for 45 minutes to interview for a new job.

Sneaking out for an interview