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The snow is the perfect excuse to look for a new job

According to our poll (see the bottom of the homepage), more than half of you are either working from home or doing no work at all today. The Evening Standard suggests the situation may be even worse, with some offices 90% depopulated and trading volumes expected to be down 70%.

However, rather than enjoying the biggest snow fall in Britain since 1991, now may be the moment to up the ante in terms of looking for a new job.

We know there are far fewer of them about, but there are still some jobs out there. And as we reported earlier, a few organizations are even adding tens of staff.

With both the snow and Britain’s inactivity likely to persist for several days, this is therefore perfect time to contact recruiters (assuming that they are in the office) and to arrange interviews, safe in the knowledge that you are unobserved by colleagues and have a valid excuse for not coming in to work.

Alternatively, you could go into the office regardless in a demonstration of commitment and endurance that may aid in the retention of your existing job.

A comment on the Financial Times’ Alphaville blog underscores the comparatively poor performance of the average British financier in the face of snow: “Two bankers just flew in from New York and made it from Heathrow to our office. Sadly the person they were meeting couldn’t be ar*ed to make it the equivalent of 5 tube stops.”

Comments (12)

  1. I don’t see that the snow makes the blindest bit of difference. I now spend every day sitting at home calling recruiters anyway. The only change is that I am now forced to spend more money on heating.

  2. I can’t afford the heating. Nature has sent this to finish me off. I’m going outside now. I may be some time…

  3. haha, congratulations… first funny set of comments I’ve seen on this site in a long time.

  4. if you lookat the jobs on this website it seems we are in bull market! …the one’s you know who are not advertising are the real headhuters and recruiters…

  5. I take it you both had careers in banking before landing yourselves on the scrapheap… so i ask u this:

    where is the money you DIDN’T spend out of your salary and bonus over the last few years?

    In that answer you will find the REAL reason for your sorry state.

    Sorry to be harsh. Actually no, I’m not.

  6. I am seeking reemployment as a clearer of pavements and purveyor of warm garments.,.Please advise of any open positions.

    Rohan the entrepreneur Reply
  7. I dont think that it was a case of the British banker not being ar””d to come a full 5 stops on the tube.More likely that he could not bear the thought of listening to 2 Americans in those very unpleasant suits that they wear bore him to death with streams of utter banality..

  8. Slow news day!

  9. Snow news day.

  10. Go blue day.

  11. Harry requires a sense of humour implant as well as a gullibility reversal…

  12. Since when can one get a gullibility reversal and are they available on the NHS?

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