Competition: Want your CV assessed by graduate recruiters for free?

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Here's your chance to get feedback on your individual CV from people who are selecting graduates for next year's intake in the banks BEFORE you submit your application in the autumn for real.

This year's Careers in Financial Markets student guide will once again include our highly popular article on CVs, featuring feedback from graduate recruitment experts on a real CV from a real student assessed by real graduate recruiters. And we're looking for another good CV.

Don't worry - your CV will be totally anonymised by the time it goes in front of the grad recruiters - including changes to your name, uni, contact details etc.

We're looking for CVs ideally from students who are due to complete or have already completed and will be applying to the banks in autumn 2013.

Interested?Then just email by Wednesday 26 June, and we'll notify you if your CV is selected.

And if you'd like to see the kind of treatment and feedback we would give it, check out page 12 of last year's guide.