Zen banking at Goldman Sachs

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GS's share price has halved over the past year (admittedly Citigroup's has more than halved over the past week), but its employees seem philosophically well equipped to cope with life below the $80 threshold.

At last week's London Business School Women in Business event, Chioma Okoye, an ED in fixed income at Goldman said the current poor markets can act as a kind of release.

If you're going to be asked to take a walk, you're going to be asked to take a walk, said Okoye - there's not much you can do about it. Equally, there's not much point in focusing on trying to maximize next year's bonus.

Instead of sitting around worrying about all this, she advised adopting the lotus position concentrating on what you're really interested in (at work) and trying to improve and consolidate your position for when things improve.

She also said that, "Everyone is in survival mode." At Citigroup they must be sharpening twigs.