Late Lunchtime Links: One third of London bankers received zero bonuses last year

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We already know that a lot of zero bonuses were handed out for 2012. It wasn't as bad as 2008 when 80% of bankers at UBS reportedly received nothing at all, but it was bad, with pockets of extreme zeroes reported in areas like Morgan Stanley's fixed income business. 

Recruitment firm Morgan McKinley has tried quantifying precisely how many hopeful bankers didn't get bonuses in London last year. After surveying 180 people, it found that 32% of them didn't get a bonus for 2012, up from 18% without bonuses in 2011. The number of disappointed people is increasing. Nor are salaries necessarily increasing further to compensate - Morgan McKinley also found that only 36% of respondents had their salaries hiked last year, compared to 47% the year before.


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