Salary survey: Investment banking IT

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Which investment banking technologists earn the most? Try project managers who know a thing or two about financial services, technical architects, business analysts who work on front-office derivatives systems, or developers with knowledge of third-party vendor products. See below for the full details, courtesy of banking IT recruiters the jm group.

Q2 2008 salaries for...

Project managers

Project development managers: Associate: - , Senior (VP) 85k

Programme managers: Associate 65k, Senior (VP) 85k

Project managers with financial product knowledge: Associate 70k, Senior (VP) 90k.


Technical architects: Associate 75k, Senior (VP) 95k

Data/information architects: Associate 65k, Senior (VP) 95k.

Business analysts

Front office business analysts (vanilla products): Associate 70k, Senior (VP) 80k

Front office business analysts (exotic derivatives): Associate 75k, Senior (VP) 90k

Back office business analysts (settlements and reconciliation): Associate 65k, Senior (VP) 80k

Business analysts (compliance/MiFID): Associate 65k, Senior (VP) 80k

Data analysts: Associate 55k, Senior (VP) 75k.

Developers (with financial product knowledge)

Java (core Java, J2EE): Associate 65k, Senior (VP) 80k

.NET/C#: Associate 55k, Senior (VP) 70k

C++ (Microsoft/Unix): Associate 65k, Senior (VP) 85k

HTML/JavaScript: Associate 45k, Senior (VP) -

Excel/Access VBA: Associate 55k, Senior (VP) 75k.

Databases (DBA/Dev)

Sybase DBA: Associate 60k, Senior (VP) 75k

Sybase developer: Associate 70k, Senior (VP) 75k

Oracle DBA: Associate 60k, Senior (VP) 75k

Oracle developer: Associate 65k, Senior (VP) 75k.

Systems administrators

SUN Solaris: Associate 55k, Senior (VP) 75k

HP-UX: Associate 50k, Senior (VP) 70k

NT: Associate 50k, Senior (VP) 70k.


Applications support manager: Associate - , Senior (VP) 90k

Trade floor support: Associate 55k, Senior (VP) 65k

Windows server support: Associate 55k, Senior (VP) 65k

Desktop/market data support: Associate 50k, Senior (VP) -

Web systems engineer: Associate 55k, Senior (VP) 65k

Front office applications support: Associate 55k, Senior (VP) 65k

Back office applications support: Associate 50k, Senior (VP) 55k

Network support engineer: Associate 45k, Senior (VP) 60k.

Source: the jm group