Find a recruiter who will help you through the interview

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Now that interviews are hard to come by and job offers as a result of interviews are close to extinction, recruiters are spending an increasing amount of their time priming candidates to ensure they perform as desired.

According to recruiters themselves, their words of wisdom can make a biggish difference to an interviewee's success.

"Prepping a candidate won't make someone mediocre get a job in a good place, but it makes people more confident and comfortable with the process," says Abid Hussein, head of recruiters EM Financial Services.

Hussein says his interview preparation takes around half an hour for each stage of the interview process and covers everything from the preferences of the interviewer and the strategic rationale for hiring, to questions that are likely to be asked and areas of the CV that the client's likely to probe in more detail and the rationale behind the question.

"Clients are looking for well-briefed, well-prepared individuals. Recruiters who brief candidates for no more than 2-3 minutes aren't doing their job in this market," he says.

Logan Naidu at recruitment firm The Cornell Partnership says they have always briefed candidates ahead of interviews, but that it's now more important to do so than ever.