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Do real men work evenings?

Is it only women and children who stop work in the afternoon and spend their evenings having fun?

According to an (admittedly facetious) email allegedly sent from a hedge fund manager to a client, the answer may well be yes.

In an article that’s since been mysteriously pulled from its website, the Telegraph reported last weekend that one London hedge fund manager had allegedly lambasted his clients for being a “bunch of women” and suggested that they “work like real men” and stay in the office after hours.

Independently of the machinations of this particular case (which was also touched upon by The Mirror), is the sentiment behind the alleged email correct? Is evening work mandatory in financial services? And are men its principal practitioners?

Your comments please…

Comments (24)

  1. It depends what you class as ‘after hours’. Afetr midnight? 1am?…

  2. Late hours are becoming more and more expected,and it takes some guile to go away early all the time. But is is a matter of preference too. Some guys work late so as to proceed to the favourite pub just in the nick of time!

  3. Real work begins after 5pm, for another 8 hours?

  4. Well, that hedge fund manager sounds like a delightful chap. Why didn’t he just call them gay while he was at it?

    The only thing that’s mandatory here is getting all your work done… sadly that usually takes us (men and women) to 10/11pm/later

  5. Real work begins after 5pm, for another 8 hours!

  6. Late hours most of the time reflect bad planning or poor execution. In other cases it reflects the current syndrome of replacing personal commitments with company/business commitments. In any case both situations are bad and reflect inefficiencies in the company culture and represent significant risk both to the company and the society as a whole. Jobs should be adequately structure to be performed in a defined time, and performance should incorporate this aspect. At the end, all of us have to answer honestly the question of whether the company (which in the financial sector are earning billions), is paying you enough for the personal sacrifices you are making!

  7. it depends on the personality of the person under consideration, their remuneration, whether or not one has other commitments like part time lecturing/ courses/studies and also volume of work one is supposed to do a day.

  8. L Sanchez – spoken like a true consultant.

  9. What a ridiculous debate.

    I wish I could make money with very little work!

    And how sad are those who can define their sexuality on the number of hours worked or the shift!

  10. He might think he’s a real man but he’s certainly not a real dad. Anyone who spends that long in the office doesn’t really have a life either. Sell your soul? No thank you. Be brave enough to work the hours you want to and tell the clock watchers to get stuffed.

  11. indeed, what counts is that work be done and well done . It often takes 12 hours a day to a man or a woman but women tend to be better organised because they live several lifes .

  12. Any boss that pressures staff to stay after hours as a routine matter is a mega loser. These losers won’t be there for you when you need help, so don’t sell your soul for them. If you have to burn the candle, do so for a year of two and then GET OUT. Life is way too short to be a stranger to your kids and partner. You have more power over your career than you think, and educating your boss is a critical part of lasting happiness. Start now!

  13. Anyone who has staff who consistently work later is poor manager who has hired the wrong type of personnel who cannot work quickly and accurately, or is a poor planner or has not given them enough resources to get their work done within the hours expected and envisaged congruently in the minds of all parties when contracting to employment.

    If later hours are expected, the pay should also reflect this. Also remember if you pay peanuts per hours you get monkeys working longer at monkeying around.

  14. Get the hell back to work and you may get your work done in time, instead of spend your day reading forums! Lol.. People that stay later are mostly people that digress during the normal hours. Plan your day and follow your schedule. Profit is about results, not hours.

  15. Real idiots work evenings. Think about it…on your death-bed will you lie there and regret the extra evening hours you didn’t spend at work..(get a life).

  16. poor planning to get your job done in the hours allocated surely! We all sometimes have to work longer hours but they should be the exception and not to make yourself look good with your boss, are you really effective after 12 hours anyway? How costly are the mistakes made after hours.

  17. I can’t even believe we are having this debate. How do you define success? Working all hours and earning lots of money – but for what? If you have no time to enjoy it, what’s the point? And if it’s at the expense of time with your loved ones, then you need to question why you are here. No corporate organisation will thank you.

  18. The Real question is how much you make per hour! if the ratio is smaller than half your age, then change job!

  19. What if you’re staying late to avoid your g’friend? does that count as late work?

  20. Real men manage their time and have other interests and commitments in life.

  21. I suspect the manager only said this in order to entice his underlings into taking part in manly late-night activities of yak butter wrestling.

  22. Real men go home and sh*g their wives at night.

  23. face time is for the WEAK. Have some guts: do your work, do it well, and then go home.

    Worried about what others will think if you go home at ‘half-time’? Then you’re not a real man.

  24. Nope, only if “real men” are not that bright to start with. There is a lot to be said to those who have the courage to work the life they want to live rather than live the life of a sheep that seeks approval of all the other sheep.

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