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Recruiters not panicking yet

The future still looks rosy(ish) for financial services recruitment firms.

Michael Page reported a 53% increase in pre-tax profits for the first half and Morgan McKinley’s last monthly survey said financial services jobs were up 7% in July, so recruiters don’t need to panic – yet.

The head of one recruitment firm tells us any drop off in front-office roles will be mitigated by new jobs in areas such as compliance, which are being boosted by MiFID. And Matthew Earl, a recruitment industry analyst at Investec, says he remains “optimistic” about financial services recruitment: “This will prove more of a short sharp shock than anything and once the unwinding occurs things will carry on as they did in the first half of the year.”

Comments (6)

  1. Ha! Desperate deluded fools! Short sharp shock indeed… Things will NOT carry on as they did in the first half of the year. There will be blood my friends – buckets and buckets of it.

  2. Yes hopefully for you greedy lot in Credit…..

  3. I think you are deluded my friend, the blood might be shed but we can always put it back in elsewhere. Repackage the recession and sell it off in another CLO, we are fine!!! But to all you monkey recuriters out there, the banks are here because they make money, and this won’t change… Live the dream!

  4. I can see a lot of browsing over the next 6 monhths and not too many deals. The banks will sweat it out while they get a view on where the market is going. I think a few recruiters that have not seen volatile markets before will fail and blame everyone but themselves. Any fool can make money in a bull market.

    Been there done that Reply
  5. Bring on the recession, it will weed out all thoose ‘recruitment monkeys’ and leave the quality agencies with the spoils. Live the dream!

  6. To The optomist – agree with your sentiments, there is no harm in this market clearing out some of the low quality people/ firms claiming to offer recruitment services.

    But please – its Optimist. Id suggest you have a quiet word with yourself re that error…..

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